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Aug 15, 2016
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It was the year 2004 when a company called NubyTech would release a series of controls based on the famous fighting game STREET FIGHTER, these would be developed in collaboration with UDON comics, which at that time were producing the best comic series based on the video game. 4 controllers would be created for PS2 with the characters of RYU, AKUMA, KEN and CHUN LI these controls had very striking design features such as a lenticular image that created an animation for each character, but the best were the 6 buttons on the front of it which made it ideal to play SF. 3 units would also be created for X-Box which would be represented by M.BISON, GUILE and AKUMA that would repeat prominence in this console. These controls would have a more limited run and would come numbered, which gave them an air of exclusivity, in addition to their frontal art would be brighter than those created for PS2. In addition to this and to be able to make a tribute as it should be, a multiplatform arcade controller was also presented, with a robust design and quality materials to give an authentic arcade experience of the time. But the company seeing success that these controls and their characters were having, decided to create limited editions, these would be presented at E3 2005 and had impressive features. It would be a Wireless line, which would give more comfort when playing or give euphoric jerks in each combat without the fear of throwing the console for the excess of emotion between combat and combat Another feature would be its box, they would be black leather with the logo of the game engraved, creating an elegant relief giving that air of exclusivity that they were looking for with this particular edition. The characters chosen for this special line would be: EVIL RYU, SAGAT, CAMMY and BLANKA. each box would carry a manual with an exclusive cover per character, a Dog Tag with the name of the character and personalized batteries, in short a marvel of editing. Unfortunately these controls would never go on the market and would remain an idea that would not see the light, although it would undoubtedly have been something incredible. There were only 2 of each Character created and used for display at E3 in 2005 Here you can check in this videos.



The comic inside the book was written and created by UDON comics, who´s créate a amazing universe based in the videogame.









So uh, did they fuck up the Blanka box and put "Cammy" on that too?
So uh, did they fuck up the Blanka box and put "Cammy" on that too?
The info I had is the Blanka box was never made, If you check the videos I link, you can see the same cammy box without color I have, and for sure is Blanka controller inside, the manual of the Blanka is totally white nothing wrote inside, the other 3 is full mannual.
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Super cool. I had something similar for PS3 in the SF4 days.
These are awful. I was so hopeful someone had made a Saturn pad again, but I was disappointed they spent all this money on making these look cool and zero dollars on playtesting with anyone who knew how a pad should play. Still have one :(

Don't get taken in by the looks lol. They do look really cool tho!

*You're allowed to play on these and enjoy them, but it doesn't make these anywhere near objectively acceptable pads, haha.
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