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Nov 14, 2015
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I'm looking into converting a System 16A Fantasy Zone into either Alien Syndrome or Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars (this is at the request of somebody else and will be for his own personal use).

Looking at the MAME source code I can't see any obvious reason why it can't be done and I also have an FD1089A and an FD1089B which I can program up as required (I have the relevant Arduino and 64 pin socket, etc). Note that Alien Syndrome requires an FD1089B and Alex Kidd requires an FD1089A

But is there anything else that's required besides a ROM swap and replacing the FD1094 with and FD1089 ? In other words, prior to me trying this, have I missed anything? I know that EPROMs are also needed for the 7751 but the sockets are on the bottom board for that.

Does anyone also happen to have any photos of System 16A boards (both top and bottom) which run Alien Syndrome or Alex Kidd? I've not yet found any online.

As an aside, what's the difference between an FD1089A and an FD1089B ?
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