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Folks are these in stock anywhere?

Looking to purchase the following in Europe:

1. a darksoft multi F3
2. red case for the multi,
3. red case for the selector
4. the plastic mounting shelf for the multi selector to attach it to the red case
5. Plus and additional long cable for when the multi is in the cab rather than the supergun.

Thank you!
Case use Lions:

For Multi:
Ask @CPZ - SAVEYOURGAMES when he expects restock. Aldo is a very nice guy. He can probably provide longer cable as well.

Works fantastic! Region tabs where a time suck but cutting was much faster then burning.
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Back in stock at save your games. Just ordered one :D

Does anyone have any info on the new OLED add-on? I assume it displays images of the selected game. If so, is there a link to how to download the game images and configure it?

Hopefully @Lions3 restocks the F3 related cases (and maybe even supports the new OLED add-on). Fingers crossed!
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