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Jul 21, 2015
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This info was burried in another thread so I thought I'd put the relevant info here to make it easier to find.

Would be great if someone manages to make CF covers for the Taito G-Net Multi... :whistling:
Sombetski did: http://www.sombetzki.nl/files/artwork/gnetlabels.rar

Sombetski did: sombetzki.nl/files/artwork/gnetlabels.rar
I was looking to print these today and realized that there are only 15 labels there.I don't really care about the Mahjong and Japanese card games but there were a few labels missing for good games.

So I filled in the gaps with labels for:
Fighters Impact
Flame Gunner
Otenki Koroi: Weather Tales
Ray Crisis
Super Puzzle Bobble
The Block Kuzushi


I also created labels for the CF adapter itself, as well as the bios Chip.

Download Here
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Nice, thanks for producing the second set of assets and collecting the links in a thread.

Is everyone printing these at home, or is there a service that lets you print single stickers? Everything online seems to want me to buy 50+ copies of one sticker.
So I hear you're starting a group buy. I'm in.
lol, I had a feeling that would be the response.

Looks like "sticker sheet" is the right search term. Now I'm looking for someone who can do sheets of 1.5x1.25" stickers. The other thread has an amazing set of square stickers by @nnap. Since they're square, I'd need to find a place that does sheets of 1.25x1.25".

Edit: I've ordered a set of 1.2" square vinyl stickers from StickerApp. I don't see a way to share the order (it unfortunately takes a little work to upload, size, and center each individual image in the sheet), but I did order 10 sheets. Here's hoping the overprint tolerances I used were good.
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The StickerApp vinyl stickers came out well. The colors and adhesion are good, they fit well in my CF/PCMCIA adapter, and when I misaligned a couple, I was able to remove and re-stick them without issue. Honestly, 1.2" looks a little small on a CF card, but it's forgiving of a little misalignment and nnap's square images are high-res.

I ordered 10 and got 12, so after using one, I have another 11. If people are interested, I would be happy to sell them for $10 $8 shipped in the continental U.S. For transparency, they cost me $6.78/ea, but I still need to pay for envelopes and postage.

FWIW I can no longer find the option at StickerApp to produce these sheets, but I'm sure you could find some place that offers sticker sheets with square stickers. The sticker height shouldn't exceed 1.4", and IMO should be more like 1.25-1.3".



I kept the original label orientation (pins are the "top"), but I now wish I placed them upside-down so they could look nice and protect the pins in a storage tray:

Before I found nnap's higher-res square images, I initially ordered a single sheet with larger 1.6x1.4" stickers using the wider aspect ones @twistedsymphony linked to / created. See the second RayStorm below. You could say this size fits perfectly, or you could say it's so tight that it doesn't forgive misalignment. (The one below isn't actually adhered-- it's still on paper backing.) I think this is the maximum size you can get away with.

The 1.2" square sticker constraints aren't ideal for the EPROM sticker since it wouldn't cover the UV window if you trimmed to the black outline. You can see I trimmed mine to be a bit taller than the black outline.
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I would be happy to sell them for $10 shipped in the continental U.S. For transparency, they cost me $6.78/ea, but I still need to pay for envelopes and postage.
These look fantastic. I'd be in for a set!
These look fantastic. I'd be in for a set!
Thanks, that's encouraging! 😁 I'll PM you.

I can get it under 1 oz with a first-class USPS envelope, a paperboard backing to discourage bending, and trimming off the blank stickers. So since I don't need special envelopes or fancy shipping, let's call the price $8/ea.
Great set of stickers ! I'd like to get a set too :happy:

looks better than the one's I printed myself, I'd be in for a set
Cool, I’ll PM both later today with a PayPal address.

One more note before anyone sends their hard-earned money: On the sheet I used for my own CF cards, I found the print erred slightly smaller than the cut so that some stickers had a tiny white fringe, despite using StickerApp’s default overprint. I ended up finding this insignificant because 1) there’s inevitably a little white from the thickness of the sticker, and 2) the brushed metal on both brands of CF cards I used diminished the effect. But if you find the fringe significant on any of your stickers, you can trim it by hand.

In my photos, XII-Stag and Flame Gunner both show a tiny fringe that I didn’t bother trimming. The others show white from the edge of the sticker.
Glad to hear they're arriving safely! I still have several more.