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Nov 10, 2019
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Mold, United Kingdom
Hello all,

Can someone let me know the answer to these, hopefully, simple questions?

I have a Triforce type 3 and I am currently Netbooting to the system. I only play one game on it with a dedicated control panel and own official compact flash card readers from Sega. Since I'm not going to run any other games on the cabinet with the Triforce installed I'd prefer to operate it on a CF drive rather than faff with the NetBooting.

Will the Triforce 3 run compact flash games without any Firmware updates to the Triforce?
Would the Triforce ROM data be burned to the flash drive in a similar way to the way the Naomi drives are burned (i.e. the security code from the CF drive has to be extracted and programmed to the ROM to the card)?

Thanks to anyone who can help.