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Jul 10, 2020
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Leeds , UK
So i have a type X3 thats booting up but it has no display, however plug in the onboard VGA and you can see its working, i have tried 3 different cards in the GPU slot but nothing

,Would i be correct in thinking its those two caps next to the GPU slot ? (it did randomly work again earlier ) but now back to no display again ,
Do you get a beep on startup?
Is sound active when screen is black?
Are you connecting the GPU Aux power where necessary? (Does your bios support the test cards?)

My main issue with these machines has always been memory, but if it is playing blind then clearly graphics related.
Any reason you suspect the caps?
yeah i get a beep on start up , no reason on caps just a guess, i cleaned out the slot, tried a few actual gtx 660, like i said it has displayed a couple times with a card too, so i was thinking if a cap isnt behaving , i notice each slot as a couple next to them
Hmm… it sounds like a motherboard issue / PCI-E issue then… are all the 660s you’ve tried TTX3 models? Unless you are on the v23 bios then a Uefi card will black screen…
That’s all I can think of beyond slot issues here…
Throw the old motherboard out! Grab any old micro atx 6 series intel chipset motherboard, remove the 5v pin from the FP header and use a nearby USB header instead.
Not to thread jump, but I am having a similar issue. However I can't get into BIOS. I don't get a beep when power is applied. I have removed the GPU and all but one stick of Ram. I have replaced the CMOS battery and still nothing. The lights on the FastIO board come up and all the fans work, but nothing other than that. Not sure where to start.
No beep: pull all ram and try switching sticks/sockets around.
Tired old mobos die a slow death. My original x3 mobo would shut itself down randomly, tried different cpus, ram and gpu and same BS. Get away from it, pick another 6 series chipset mobo.
Mine was the same lots of intermittent faults ended up selling the mobo, psu, & I/O cards on eBay & got enough cash to replace all the parts I needed to build reliable pc system that still fits inside the TX3 case.
Well I seem to be lucky so far. Bought a new stick of ram from amazon and everything booted up like normal. We will see how everything goes, but All else fails I may go with Chihiro's idea if things start to fail on me.