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Nov 21, 2019
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Edinburgh, Scotland
Hi all! I've been having some decoder issues and would appreciate any suggestions 🙂

So I've been using UD-USB decoders for a while and they've worked great for me at home, but the past few weeks I've been taking a CPS-2 setup to locals and I've had two decoders 'die' on me (dead as in the status light is off and no inputs are registered). The first one I put down to a chance failure, but now a second one's gone I think something is up and I don't want to burn through any more adapters if I can help it.

Both times the issues started when sticks were being switched over. The USB connection would seem finicky - the LED would be off, but jiggling the USB plug and getting it at just the right angle would cause the light to come on. Later it'd seem completely dead. The first adapter briefly start functioning again after a couple of weeks, so it wasn't completely fried, but now it's unresponsive again.

First thing I want to check just to be sure: it *is* fine to hot swap sticks, right? I haven't seen any warnings not to (or maybe that's such an obviously bad thing to do that no one mentions it 😬)

If it's a physical issue with the USB port, is there anything I can do to get a tighter connection?

And generally, has anyone else had issues like this? Should I be suspicious of my setup? It's an HDMI modded CPS-2 with an IO board powered from a standard laptop power supply. If I plug the adapters into a minigun powered by a proper Mean Well arcade PSU then I see the same issues (but maybe the adapters got damaged by the first setup?)