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Jun 20, 2019
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Hello everyone,
I recently decided that I’d love to have a working Virtua Cop 2. I’ve seen some videos and really like it. I don’t have a Virtua Cop cabinet or PCB set or anything yet. I have numerous other cab’s I could try and put it in but I have a lot of questions and I’m wondering if anyone can help? If I found a PCB set for Virtua Fighter what else would I need to complete the setup? I’m finding it difficult to find info online. I understand the monitor is 24 kHz and I do have a Blast City which has a tri sync but am wondering can you use a 15 kHz monitor with any sort of converter? Also it’s obviously not jamma and I’ve found some information on a jamma converter but I’d love to know what other guys that have put these games in other cab’s have done? If anyone has some information to share and possibly some links to setup guide videos etc . That would be cool.