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Oct 7, 2018
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Florida, USA
Picked up some project cabs in December. One is to be a MK restoration, the other a Killer Instinct. The MK cab to be was a golden tee. I am in need of the wood panel with holes and t-nuts and the metal piece with the studs. I don't need the lexan or artwork at this time. The KI cab can come later. http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,164123.msg1731917.html#msg1731917

There is a fella on the KLOV and ebay by the name xlarcade that makes repros but he is out of both panels above and it may be some time before he has more in. He appears goes missing for months at a time. Took awhile to answer any one of my questions at least.

I had a wanted ad on KLOV and BYOAC for awhile now with no bites. Trying here to get the word out.

Any help fam?