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Jul 6, 2016
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This is an interest post for some repro Monkey ball parts. This is a collaboration between Mirko and I. All prices are in USD and shipping is extra. We are hoping to ship late November. I will contact you for payment once they are ready to ship. I don’t want to do pre-order as we will loose on conversion twice if I have to refund. EDIT Price is with PayPal F&F or add 5% to total order.

Repro banana very close to 1:1. Printed in PLA as one unit, and painted similar to picture. You put it over the shaft and attached 2 provided M5x10 bolt. There are currently 3 option for banana. All price at $66.50 USD. I can't seem to rotate image. Original is on the right and the left with no holes is the repro
• Original shaft. It has 4 mounting holes like original. The 5th bolt at the top that hold the banana together has been removed
• Gundam shaft. It has 2 mounting holes only
• Gundam shaft. It has 2 mounting holes and 4 dummy bolt to match the look of the original. They are only for show.
20211021_222154 - Copy.jpg

Wire harness that go directly in to NNC or Universal and the other end solder to the pot. Will have quick connect for the button (button not included). Calibration has to be done in the test menu. $14.00 USD. Optional 24mm yellow button $3.00 USD. I can add the 2 JST NH to the harness for the op amp for additional $10.00

New Gasket. The one on my Gundam stick came damage. I ordered some for myself but have a few extras. $50.00 USD

Op amp can be bought from @DragonMinded or we can added to order at $52.50 USD
Control panel can be bought from @alberto1225 or can be added to order at $130 USD per. The op amp will be mounted on the joystick via an adapter plate.
Gundam stick can be added to order at $130 USD per

I have updated the 1st post and the spreadsheet for the cost of some of the items. Pics are also in the spreadsheet under their own tab. The only thing that still need a price is the JVS harness for the Sega and Capcom IO along with the shipping (banana or CP + banana). The CP and op-amp have a little markup compare to buying directly from @alberto1225 and @DragonMinded to cover the initial shipping to us. We are hoping once everything is bundle and ship out, it will be the same or cheaper then buying them individual.

I will have a November 6 cut off for any CP bundle. This is to give Alberto time to produce them and send it to us. The banana will have a November 20 cut off to give the banana enough time to cure before packaging. If there is enough interest after that we will do a 2nd run. Having said this due expect delay as there are a few different parties involved.


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Batch 2 pre-order
Please fill out the form Here if you have interest. Panel deadline is Nov. 7. Banana and op amp deadline is Nov. 20

Spreadsheet of order. I will be adding names as we go. This is to help me keep track and for you to make sure I didn't mess anything up. The Red number are just place holder for now.
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I'm interested in 2x of the Gundam shaft with 2 mounting holes only. I am also interested in 2x panels and 2x of the amp board.
Interested in
1 x Bananna (Gundam shaft with 2 mounting holes)
1 x Gundam stick and a new Gasket?

I currently only have a Naomi setup with a Sega I/O Board. What other wiring / harness do I need? I'm guessing I'll need the special I/O board? What else?
Interested in Gundam shaft with 2 mounting holes and Gundam stick with new Gasket?

I'll be connecting this to the Sega I/O Board connected to my Naomi. What wiring harness do I need?
We are still working on that harness, it will be tested on my Blast city with Capcom I/O then the Sega I/O
Interested in just 2 wiring harnesses for the gundam stick, and 1 op amp.
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Uhh... I have a naomi with a capcom i/o. Whatever I need I am interested in :) (i'll have to do research bout sticks and all that). Would love a video that shows this in action !
I’m also interested in purchasing whatever it takes to get this up and running on a blast city with a naomi, and Capcom io.

Thank you guys for putting in the work on this really cool project

Edit: Double thanks to whoever added me to the spreadsheet
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is there a "cheaper" alternative to the stick for monkey ball? I'd love to get this for a Monkey Ball setup, but the thought of the stick price being more than the price I got my cab for doesn't really sit too well with me haha :D
is there a "cheaper" alternative to the stick for monkey ball? I'd love to get this for a Monkey Ball setup, but the thought of the stick price being more than the price I got my cab for doesn't really sit too well with me haha :D
I would imagine any 5k pot analog joystick would work. You would just need to modify the banana to fit the shaft. Look for one that don't have a dead zone or your playing experience won't be that great.
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I’ll take a full (with panel amp harness etc).
That go straight to NNC/Universal or do you need it to go into the op amp as well?
Hmm I didn’t realize there were different options. My bad.

I’ll need one to go into the op amp, and another to go into a Sega IO.
I have been reading up on that. Look like the proper connector for sega/capcom IO is a 2x13 JST RA connector. Like everthing else I can not find stock
JST RAs are almost impossible to find these days. I was able to order some directly form JST but not the ones needed for normal I/O. There is a seller on YAJ that offers them but he will not deal with proxies.