Pinned S-JIHP: Sega JVS I/O Helper PCB

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    • Made my harness yesterday. So I have neo to db25 and I wired 2 connectors for the other things I’m not using yet and seeing all this stuff makes me want to tidy it all up. So I ordered a small atx case so I can put the power supply, helper board and jvs board in there and I’ll mount ports for neo and figure out some other ports for the other things. I think having the case horizontal with the Naomi on top won’t be too obnoxious. Definitely better than PCBs and cables all over the place.
    • Wired up my prototype utility box, works great! I used cat5e for this. Just tested service and test buttons so far, I’m not sure what game uses button 7, but I figure can’t hurt to have it available along with the aux buttons in case I need them. Currently running Naomi net boot with the pi force web. My grail game on Naomi is ikargua so I rotated a tv, eventually it will go into a blast city cab. In the meantime I’ll play the shit out of this because it is all working.

      thanks to everyone on this forum for helping me and making all this awesome stuff. I’ve learned a ton and had lots of fun working on this.
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    • So now my issue is sound. Connected a little soundcraft mixer and some m-audio monitors and it definitely helps over the dynex tv speakers. The Naomi pushes audio hard, I had to dial gain way back. This soundcraft unit gives me 3 eq knobs, gain, and left/right balance. Fiddled with it a bit and huge improvement. I kind of want a sub though. In my music room I have an 18” monster sub and a very nice mixer, Allen and heath qu32, might try hooking this stuff up there for fun.
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    • Possibly a really dumb question, but I've held off on one of these since I've been looking for some "real" guns on ebay for a while now, and not found any X/Y ones. However, these Aliexpress ones that seem to be for a PC running an emulator seem to fit the bill... Would these work with the S-JIHP?

      It would be beyond awesome if I could build a gun setup that would work on my current cabs.
    • Mitsurugi-w wrote:

      Here is my pinout:

      How do I map your db25 standard pinout to jvs io revision 1 60 pinout and revision 2 40 and 34 pinout? For revision 1, am I correct to base on Arcade Otaku at
      I'm not sure how to map to revision 2 jvs io.
      I'm currently testing out your S-JIHP pcb with a dreamcast wheel controller on Initial D3 and 18 wheeler sega naomi games.
    • Good to know revision 3 can work for revision 2.

      For revision 1 io how to map reserve buttons in Initial D3 to your db25 pinout? (I attached Initial D3 pinout screenshot) Do I map Initial D3 pin 19-23, 53, 55 (View1, Shift 3, View3, Shift 2 and etc) to your db25 Button 1-7?

      For revision 2 io for 18 wheeler game, do I map Shift Up, Down and Left to db25 Up, Down and Left and map View Horn, Start Lamp, View Lamp and Horn Lamp to db25 button1-4? (I attached 18 wheeler pinout screenshot. Top is 40 pins and bottom is 34 pins)

      Sorry for so much details.
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    • You can look at the standard pinout of the Type 1 I/O to see which buttons they represent. Here are some examples:

      19 = 1p right
      20 = 2p right
      21 = 1p left
      22 = 2p left
      23 = 1p up

      51 and 53 are lamps. Lamps are controlled Outputs. The S-JIHP does NOT handle outputs at all. The outputs are in most cases just activating lighted buttons. It does handle the actual pressing of the button, but not the handling of the light inside of it.

      If you look at the pinout of the Type 2 it shows that pin 27 = 2p right, pin 28 = 2p left, and pin 29 = 2p up. Looks like view is on pin 20 which is 1p left and horn is on pin 23 which is 1p button 1.

      Again the S-JIHP will not handle the lamps.