Sega Model 3 PSU and CPS2

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    • Sega Model 3 PSU and CPS2

      Hi everyone,
      I've come across a strange problem where I've desuicided a few CPS2 games for a guy and they work fine on my Supergun and Astro, but won't boot on his Versus City cab with Model 3 PSU.

      The strange thing is, decrypted games boot perfectly, but anything with a battery or InfiniKey or PIC, no dice.

      Has anyone come across a similar issue? +5 is 5.1 without load and drops to 4.9v with CPS2 connected.

      I'm thinking it's possibly a current issue, but interested to know if anyone else has come across the same fault.

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    • I have a blast city which uses a model 3 power supply. I think it's the same, just in a different case??
      I have some infinikey boards and they work perfect!
      I had some PSU inconsistencies with the voltage causing games to reset randomly or not boot at all.
      I first cleaned ALL the connections with deoxit, which didn't seem to do much. Recapped it which helped a bunch, but still kind of had random voltage drops.
      Cleaned all the connection pins again, then after reconnecting, I decided to wiggle each wire individually while watching my volt meter... found there were a few pins that were not crimped very tight to their wires causing the readings to drop.
      Extracted ALL of the power pins, re-crimped the crimps and haven't had a psu problem since.
      Might not help, but it's worth checking?
      Good luck!