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M72 Reproduction ROM Board w/Integrated Multi - RTYPE SUPPORTED, OLED, SoftDIPS

M72 Reproduction Rom Board w/ Integrated Multi

I have recreated the M72 ROM board, using SMT components and integrated the Multi that Apocalypse created. This new ROM board is compatible with ALL M72 platforms, meaning that R-type can now be used as a donor for this new...

Irem M92 Multi Game Support

Hello everyone. There has been a lot of renewed interest in an M92 multi lately and since we've been told we aren't stepping on any toes we are announcing two designs for an M92 multi that we have previously developed but not finished because others were working on it. Since they have said...

[Trade] Most Cave Vs Multi


^ Cave multi

Let's (Respectfully) talk about the Rules™

Since we're slowly reaching a point where *multiple* FS threads have more questions asking about prices, missing or otherwise, or simply devolve into sh*tposting, I think it's for the best that there be a dedicated thread where we can legitimately talk about whether or not certain things are an...

[Trade] Most Cave Vs Multi

Let's (Respectfully) talk about the Rules™

The biggest bullshit on this site has always been the "I'm thinking about selling this" sales thread. IMO, don't come to the plate unless you have a price in mind and are ready to sell. If you want a bidding war, take that shit to ebay. If you have a price on what an item is worth, I'm pretty...

My beloved Gradius 2 is stuck at the RAM ROM CHECK screen. please help

Blast City resurrection

FS: Armed Police Batrider Ver B.

FS: cave pcb’s & kits, ngdev fast striker full

Sold items have all shipped. I’ll get back to responding to folks for the items yet to be sold. And yes - burnt out, and wanted to make sure the sold stuff got out and had my complete attention. It’s been mayhem lol. I’ll also be posting some other boards soon.