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Irem M92 Multi Game Support

Joko3 Personalized Japan Proxy Buying Services Are Back

Please forgive this for not being a PCB sale. A lot of people may have not seen my main thread, so I wanted to make this announcement here on the most trafficked section of the forum.

I have resumed my proxy services on a limited basis. Please see the main thread linked below for the new...

CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

Neo Geo MVS MV1B + Minigun Supergun Front-loader Plug-and-Play console

Here is a project that I've been working on from scratch for the past two years. It's actually quite far along already in the build phase! Just two more pieces to print and assemble.



Sega Aero & Goldfish Catcher ATM

I got the rest of the pieces from the Powder Coater for the Aero City and am ready to tackle some reassembly along with some CP parts from Arcade shock.

Time to "finish the job" on the bondo CP I stripped and coated earlier.

[ATTACH type="full"...

Sega Blast City Bezel lock mechanism

I can't be the only one out there with a busted Sega Blast City so here is a 3d print model for the 2 pieces. Tolerances are tight so there may be a little bit of post processing to get the pieces to slide freely and I didn't have a spring so I designed it for a retractable pen spring. If...

Namco system 357 emulation? Maybe? PROJECT OMED 2023

[FS] Astro City Cab $850 .

In a feeble attempt to somewhat get this back on the rails, perhaps DS & Mitsu could ask the seller to post actual photos of the actual cab(s) (with timestamp) or else the thread gets locked.

Considering that the user is pretty new, 100% marketplace posts, and some weirdness surrounding recent...

[FS] Astro City Cab $850 .

I don’t like mentioning private messages in public, but for user safety I will in this case:

I was messaged a couple days ago from him about pricing on these “found” cabs. Maybe he thought I knew because….Japan? Anyway, he said he was going to refurbish them, so if they exist there’s no way it...

[FS] Fullset Cave SH3

Definitely a lovely collection that everyone would like to have. It's a lot of money, so just make sure that buyer and seller agree clearly on the terms. You test the PCBs, request pictures,etc. and either pick up in person and test them all or buy an insurance if you want them shipped to you...