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Introducing the Gear Master (plays unmodified Game Gear games on Master System)

It's been a dream of mine since childhood, being able to play Game Gear games on the Master System.

Outside of the different cartridge form factor and pinout, there are a few software incompatibilities. It's possible to patch Game Gear ROMs to make them playable on the Master System, I had a go...

Building Arcade Cabinet, Technical Thread

Hello people
I have recorded a video to explain how to build cabinet.
The PDF file will be ready very soon too.

Please check the video and let me know if there is some missing information about it

Thanks to everyone to help and support me on this project. @rewrite...

CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

[FOUND] Capcom IO feet

I just finished test printing one. Feels pretty solid.


Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun

Got my JJ-CBOX with accessories today. Just wanted to show photos of how it was packed for people wondering.

There was no way this was getting damaged in any way in transit. It was shipped by Fed Ex, with the final leg of the journey with Australia Post. Took about 10 days from China to...

Repair in Progress: Irem M72 - Legend of Hero Tonma

For the next round of bottom board troubleshooting, I rigged up a way to allow me to probe the bottom board from the top side while it is connected and running - I flipped the A & B boards upside down and ran a extended power line between them.



CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

Today I worked on lots o’ cabs!