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Dodonpachi Campaign Ver.

Taito Vewlix Repro Marquee Lights - Pre-Orders (CLOSED)

To those involved in this project who placed an order with me that was not fulfilled this is a public apology for breaking the seller/customer relationship and the promises made. This was not at all the outcome I expected or my intention. Although not an excuse, I have not been in a good place...

Interest Check: Pre-made upgraded 161-in-1 multicarts - All spots filled - 11/13 : WAITLIST


For this reason alone I'm never going to do a huge batch of these again.

3 14 hour days programming roms to make these little stacks...

Very thankful that there are only 15 AES carts to follow this, ha.

On the upside, wrist is feeling great, and ready to...


Dodonpachi Campaign Ver.

Dodonpachi Campaign Ver.

I started this thread as a bit of a change-log, as I'm sure some folks only know vaguely that "Campaign version" was a thing and that it was different or "had a hyper". So I'll go through and document what I consider are the major changes.

First up, new palettes and background tiles.


CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

One thing we've noticed while doing the M92 multi is that not only does mame not fully emulate the full power and ability of the hardware but neither does MISTER. Maybe the core was based off of mame mostly.

in layman's terms they work well enough to play the games and do that pretty well but...

Dodonpachi Campaign Ver.

Back for more. This time it's a new gameplay variant: Expert Mode.

From the flyers we learn the main properties of Expert Mode.
-You don't get extra bombs when you die.
+Both your weapons (Shot & Laser) are 'enhanced,' in...

Espgaluda 2 (CV1000) repair of bad U2 NAND using JTAG

I wrote a Python script "" to identify bad U2 assets from a U2 dump of a faulty PCB by comparing to a known good U2 dump, such as a MAME ROM set, relocate the bad assets to free NAND blocks, and generate replacement NAND blocks for writing to the PCB via JTAG using buffi's tools...

CPS1 Multi. Official Thread