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Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

I considered doing 'adapter' PCB's found on other MiSTer boards instead of cables, but with favored serviceability and logistics over aesthetics. I also have zero clue as to how much noise is radiated by the DE10, so I wanted to keep the area under it clear.

In other news, the FedEx guy will...

NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution

I've got a huge pile of boards. There was a little bit of factory fun and there is a tiny amount of manual work on my end to make them ready. The Hirose JAMMA edges need to be soldered on, as do the audio transformers.


I made a tiny component...

Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

Psst. released :) Will announce it on twitter later, but you guys get first dibs 8)
Although they are all tested, I'm holding on to 10% of the boards for now as a contingency in case some boards have issues. Be a little gentle with the large capacitors on the board, one customer...

CPS3 Crawling Robot

This is not the nicest code ever, but did the job. I would like to post the robot that I used to crawl through the SH2 code, so I could make a map of all the instructions that were executed. This is what made possible to play games with a dead cart.

As you remember, I compiled a special version...

Pre-Order For Mini Cute Production

I picked up my cabinet today from statix and dropped off a monitor for him. I picked up the green for myself, but the pink is looking great too! I'm still waiting for some part for an assembly stream. I'm completely stoked on these cabinets. Thanks to everyone involved!

Monkey Ball Panel Reproduction

Finished 2, I want to try them on the shaft before I do more.
I decided to glue both halves together, I’m putting two combination washer screws connected by a coupler just to fill the holes.
They are not fully dry in these pictures. They do look nice in full gloss, what do you guys think?
My mix...

Selling In the Hunt PCB [SOLD]

[FS] CAPCOM Mini Cute & KONAMI Windy 1 - Candy Cabinets (Paypal normal payment accepted)