Wide-narrow jumper on Nanao MS8-18 series

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    • Wide-narrow jumper on Nanao MS8-18 series

      Hi guys,
      I'd like to know if this shema is correct. Also, should I use 18awg, maybe 22awg is too thin?
      About the connector: what's happend if, when I turn-on the cab/monitor, the connectors are disconnect like in this shema? I know it do not have any sens to make this wiring and leave it disconnected, but I'd like to know what kind of effect it will occurs on resolution, also maybe it can do a short-circuit, or totaly safe?
      • Wide-narrow connector.jpg

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    • I believe that this should always be connected to one or the other and that you shouldn't switch it with the monitor powered on. I wouldn't put a switch on it just like I wouldn't put one on the yoke connectors. It's just too easy for someone to flip it while the chassis is running and damage it.
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