Time crisis 4 - HDD Clone issues

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    • Time crisis 4 - HDD Clone issues

      SO I came in early, still got to finish the Time Crisis 4 project and get both sides working, we are now happy we hot Player 2 working (PSU was going under volt)

      I did some experiments with Player 1 hard drive and security key, found that Player 1 HDD was not booting but found that both security keys worked in Player 2 ( I think, not 100% on that now )

      So, I got CloneZilla out and found I could not read anything on the working Player 2 sda original 40GB HDD disc (also found a alternative disk for now) and I was going to write out to another (or one of the same make)

      I have read on here that 'dd' are possible, I am also aware that macos 'dd' is a program I could use but I need two USB>IDE cases.

      Is there an easy way of duplication?

      Included pictures to show the error message and that I am not doing anything bad.

      I did attempt to clone to same drive, but the drive I had was ticking! so I tried other methods including making an image


      edit: Just been using Player 1 on same hard ware, so the dongle has the same TSF lower number but the upper number is different (presume serial number).

      edit 2: Just noticed an ebay listing with a 80gb drive in a 256 ? mines a Samsung 40GB SP0411N ... does it matter?
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    • I'd check with someone to make sure that dd does in fact work properly, as I've heard that plugging some HDDs into a computer cause some issue with the disks afterwards?

      But if you where to use dd, you'd only need one USB -> IDE converters.

      You could first create a backup of the working drive by running:

      dd if=/dev/hda of=/home/dave/time_crisis.img bs=10m

      where /dev/hda is the name of the drive, found by running 'fdisk' on a linux machine, or 'diskutil list' on a mac.

      You can then just copy that image back onto a different drive using:

      dd if=/home/dave/time_crisis.img of=/dev/hda bs=10m

      Hope this helps!
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