Sega Naomi 2 + Capcom IO power question

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    • Sega Naomi 2 + Capcom IO power question


      I got a Naomi 2 + Original PSU + NetDim + Capcom IO board and I just made it NetBoot and it's working great. I have a question about power though.

      I've seen forum posts mentioning that if I have the Capcom IO, it is capable of powering the Naomi 2 using the power output on it, no additional PSU required. However, others say it's not possible for the Capcom IO to power both the Naomi 2 and the NetDim, and it might damage the Naomi doing it that way.

      So which one would it be? I have the Naomi 2 being powered by a dedicated PSU and the Capcom IO takes power from the JAMMA harness, and I'm scared of trying to power the Naomi with just the Capcom IO and take the risk of damaging something.

      Any thoughts? Getting rid of the extra PSU would be great, I have a New Astro City cab and I wouldn't like to replace it's original PSU just for this, since I plug the Naomi every now and then, it's not a dedicated machine.

    • I don't see how it can damage the Naomi. If anything it could damage the Capcom IO, however, I find that unlikely.

      You can try it. Most likely you will encounter issues of games locking up during loading.

      If you have a multimeter, see what kind of voltages you're getting on the Naomi end.
    • Use a separate PSU for the Naomi with NetDIMM. The Capcom IO will struggle to power all of that. It’s not a problem using the Capcom IO powered with normal game carts though.
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    • vholfx wrote:

      Well I tried with both a Naomi 1 and 2 using a standard game cartridge (no NetDIMM) and just the Capcom IO and works just fine. If I try with the NetDIMM it doesn't boot. So you are right, I need the external PSU if I'm using the NetDIMM.

      Yes, this is the way I've always known it to be. And using a Sun power supply is preferred.

      Although there is a member here who claimed to be able to mod the Capcom IO so that it could handle both of them. I was never able to verify that.

      I wish someone would come up with a workable MOD for the Capcom IO to handle both. Is there a way to upgrade it somehow?
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    • Yup, you have to replace the onboard DC to DC converter. So you want to use one that does 5v to 3.3v.

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