Hello! Build a TTX Hardware Project (Photo inside)

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    • Hello! Build a TTX Hardware Project (Photo inside)

      Hello, first of all thanks every one for the amount of information that you share in this forum, it was extremely useful and please excuse me if my English is not the most correct as possible. This is my first message after reading hours and hours of all the info.

      My vewlix is on its way, I will have it here in 3 weeks and I am preparing its future internal hardware. I bought a Taito Type X Zero (because I liked its case) and the idea is put inside a ITX with a Ryzen APU for Nesica games, but I have some questions that surely you can help me:

      1. If I connect the JVS board that comes with the TTX Zero in some way to the ITX (Regular PC) would I be building a homemade Type X?
      2. If the point 1 works I can connect the Multi HDD / SSD for Taito Type X2 that the people sell in ebay?
      3. What I exactly buy it? A TTX with low gaming performace? a Server storage for nesica TTX2 games? Attached image.