Arcade PCB Modifications (Hardware or Software) thread

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    • Arcade PCB Modifications (Hardware or Software) thread

      I decided to make this since it would be great to have an area where we can share our PCB modifications (either hardware or software). Please no case posts as there's already a place for that. This is strictly PCB modifications, not the exterior. It has to improve something, not just make it look "cool". :P If you added parts to your PCB, please list/give a source for those parts so people don't have to go around wondering where to get them :) If you changed something in the program, please explain what you did and what it improves! I'll start:

      G-Stream G2020

      Added 2 heatsink/fans on the 2 CPLD chips as they get incredibly hot/and used arctic alumina adhesive. I tapped the 5v from the jtags to the CPLDs.

      Heatsink/fans: Ebay - Heatsink/Fans

      Arctic Alumina Adhesive: Ebay - Arctic Alumina Adhesive

      Desoldered the original battery / replaced the SRAM chip with an F-RAM chip. You also have to connect the voltage of the chip to the main line as the SRAM is only connected to the battery.

      F-Ram: Utsource - F-Ram

      Replace all of the 42 pin 2MB chips on the board with flash chips. Why? Because the board is incredibly heavy with the regular ceramic chips and it cut the weight by about 1/4.

      Flash chips: Ebay - Flash Chips

      Primal Rage 2

      Generic Heatsink for CPLD / Arctic Alumina Adhesive. Probably doesn't need it, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

      Arctic Alumina Adhesive: Ebay - Arctic Alumina Adhesive

      Heatsink - Bought at local store: Excess Solutions

      Switched the regular HDD for a Disk on Module and tapped 5V from the gun ports on the Atari rom board. This board is incredibly picky on which flash HDDs it will accept and I didn't want to have to rely on a mechanical HDD.

      EDC 8GB Disk on Module: Bought at local store: Excess Solutions

      I will add a few more in the coming days. This is just to begin with.

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    • Next on the list:

      F355 Challenge Deluxe

      1. All main boards replaced as the soda leaked on them and destroyed traces (luckily it didn't reach the linking boards)
      2. All batteries and super caps replaced with quality ones.
      3. Secured all of the heatsinks/fans with glue (this is actually what is done religiously on the Hikaru)
      4. Cleaned all of the heatsink/fans
      5. Replaced all fans with San Ace 80L 109L0812H4D01 fans. Old ones in there were basically destroyed. New ones were quite expensive fans, but found them at a overstock place for very cheap. Long life:
      6. The case was really disgusting, had a ton of soda or something spilled on it (common with these games and it had eaten away at the metal). So I had a friend take it to a powder coater and they painted it red.
      7. Cool Ferrari emblem:…5c59a2:g:hpcAAOSwpsFc2iSn

      Really pleased how this came out.