Toshiba d29c051 jamma problem (New Net City)

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    • BuddyC wrote:

      Joe wrote:

      You are all a bad influence on me. Like the gang my mother warned me not to hang out at school.
      Hihi! I aim to please! :thumbsup:
      In my defense... I have 3 machines. 1 Astro. 1 NNC and a cocktail table.
      “Just” 2 of the new cabs on it’s way from Japan will be mine to own. Where to I put them? Fuck if I know....
      The rest will be owned by a business, but personally I don’t have the room for more than 2 cabs.
      Putting them in my 3 year olds room would look cool, but my wife would not agree :D
      What father could do more to provide such an education? If my parents had blessed me with an arcade machine at three (or at any point up to 33), then i would have been twice the man i am today. Anyone can buy or study a maths or science textbook, but how many can say they have a doorway to decades of global artistic expression at their fingertips (i.e. Japanese retro arcade gaming, but that's just semantics).
    • Hope everyone is safe. To update on this saga: i realised the tri sync helper will not work with the River Service loom alone as it needs 5v on the VGA connector, which the loom does not provide.

      I am now joining the Jammafier gang and have just ordered the Jammafier from @invizm to pair with the tri sync helper. Or more specifically, two (running multiple cabinets is getting costly)! :)
    • BuddyC wrote:

      Just got my new jammafier and tri sync helper from @invzim today. Plug n’ play, but goddamn what a insane improvement in picture clarity! Image is crazy good!!
      Like @PascalP said.... You won’t regret it!
      Will it also improve my game playing ability? Otherwise with an enhanced picture all that will happen is that i see my woeful skills and on-screen death in greater clarity and focus :) Before the joy must come the pain and i have discovered just how dirty the inside of these cabs can be. My OCD forces me to clean each screw unfortunately, before i can plug it in.

      As a bit of knowledge sharing, i noticed a difference between the screen surface colour on the tubes in the two New Net City cabinets. One has a grey tint and the other a red/purple tint to the screen reflection (when off). I suspect the grey one is the Matsushita tube and the red one is the toshiba tube. Not compared the image side by side yet, but interesting (to me) at least. Not sure if anyone has noticed or has heard of differences in NNC tubes?
    • nem wrote:

      Probably due to a different antistatic coating.
      Thanks Nem. I think you are right, and i confirmed they were different tubes (toshiba on right, matsushita on left in the image which illustrates the different tint they have).

      I finally got round to deep cleaning them and installing Invizm's Jammafiers and Tri-sync Helpers. Net result:
      - The Jammafier and trisync are amazing and work flawlessly, fixing the voltage issue on the RGB connector. Invizm is also a great guy to do business with and very responsive.
      - One monitor is still unfortunately very dull and had bad convergence and geometry (even with brightness and gain turned up) and the other is perfect.
      - Now i know it is a fault with the the monitor, i have moved into the monitor repair phase. Messing with the convergence and purity rings had no impact and a local repair company suggested adjusting the pots on the flyback (attached picture) but before i try this i wonder if anyone has any other advice or could confirm this as my Japanese is not good so i want to check i am right before adjusting these pots? They do not do home visits and i am loath to ship a 29 in tube in the post.

      If anyone had good experience with repair companies in Tokyo, would be happy to hear it.

      Seems like a long gone time when my biggest gaming challenge was blowing the dust off a mega drive cartridge :)


      P. S. Does the NNC picture remind anyone of The Shining twins? Maybe a metaphor for this nightmare repair journey.
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      Hope everyone is well. I felt I ought to give an update to close the circle. In the end I replaced the monitor as even with adjusting the pots, and even a replacement chassis it remained dull. The replacement monitor (Toshiba D29C356) is bright and clear now (although has a faint image from burn in - insert coin I think - which annoys my perfectionist tendencies, but par for the course for arcade monitors maybe?). With @invzim fantastic Jammafier and Trisync helper, and @RGB equally fantastic JAMMA extension, and a little help from CAVE, it is finally playable. Thanks for everyone's advice. A great community. P.s. forgive my woeful photography skills.
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