JNX Namco X Kick Harness Adapter

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    • JNX Namco X Kick Harness Adapter

      This is the Namco X, it is made for people running dedicated Namco System 11 & 12 game cabinets and want to play other non-Namco fighting games. The Namco X plugs into the stock Namco 48 pin kick harness (Looks like a mini Jamma harness).

      The adapter supports 6 button fighters as well as the Stereo Right audio channel (Special loom required).

      Each adapter comes with a 2ft loom to plug into the 10p JST connector to terminate to the kick harness you prefer like CPS1, CPS2, Midway H1, STV, F3, etc.

      Namco X w/loom of choice - $16
      Additional looms - $7
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