Namco '6xA1' reproduction

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    • Namco '6xA1' reproduction

      Here's my last reproduction of a custom IC, or better, this is a 3-in-1 replacement of the Namco MCUs marked '60A1', '63A1' and '64A1'.

      They are mostly the same part with identical package (DIP40) and pinout but they are not interchangeable.

      • '60A1' found on Pac-Land, Dragon Buster, Sky Kid (all revisions except early one), Sky Kid Deluxe, Alien Sector, Baraduke, Metrocross, Rolling Thunder and all other System86 games.

      • '63A1' found on first revision of Sky Kid.

      • '64A1' found on all System 1 games (Splatterhouse, Galaga88, Pac-Mania, etc)

      Needless to say the original part is very prone to failure (especially the '64A1')

      My replacement covers all three MCUs, you can simply select the desidered one via a dipswitch:

      Here's testing of the replacement on different boards :

      '60A1' on Rolling Thunder :

      '63A1' on Sky Kid (first revision)

      '64A1' on Splatterhouse :

      A special thank to my friend 'uchopon' for helping me to achieve this result.

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