Neo Geo Hyper 64 Fatal Fury Wild Ambition no video problem, please help?

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    • Neo Geo Hyper 64 Fatal Fury Wild Ambition no video problem, please help?

      Today I received a Neo Geo Hyper 64 rev 1 board with Fatal Fury Wild Ambition. When I plug it in and try to run it, the board clicks (which I read indicates the 12v is working) but I get no video at all. I have tested the +5v and its good, I even tested the whole setup with my Cadash board to make sure the harness and video converter were not malfunctioning and everything worked fine with that.

      Anyone know what could be going on here?

      Also, do either of the four pin connectors on the front of the board need to be connected? The manual linked here states the left one is Main power and the right one is speakers. Would this board not work right without the left one connected?
    • I have some connectors from an old harness so hopefully I have the 4 pin for the power on the front, I believe I might have something that can snap on the power supply bit I will have to see.

      Also, does this board just need a solid 5.00v at the jamma edge or should the power be turned up a little?

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    • Tried connecting it once again today, even wired the 4 wires to the 4 pin with +5v and ground but unfortunately I get no difference, the board still fails to display, Any Ideas?

      Edit: This very well could be the GBS8200 video converter being at fault, some boards such as Tekken 3, and quite a few others just do not sync to this at all. Its possible that the board is working just fine but not syncing to the silly video converter. I will have to hookup the 4 pin audio and see if anything happens.

      2ND Edit: I was right, the board was working all along, its the stupid video converter just not wanting to sync with the board, I pushed two wires from the speakers into pin 1 and 2 and sure enough when I coined the game up, I heard audio.

      Any suggestions for better quality video converters that wouldn't have problems with so many boards?

      Is the Wei-Ya ACV-011 Any good? Seams to be more expensive then a gbs82xx.

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