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  1. urukai


    ⚠️PRE-ORDERS ARE CLOSED ! THANKS FOR THOSE WHO PRE-ORDERED ! 🙏 --- ⚠ THIS POST TO PLACE A PRE-ORDER FOR THE NEOGEO AES GAME SHOCK TROOPERS "ULTIMATE EDITION" BY NCI ⚠ If you are not confident to go through me to make your pre-orders, you can do it here : Facebook...
  2. Jigfer

    FS (Sold) Neo 25 (with bad chassis), Taito stools, Darksoft MVS, 4 slot board

    I'm looking to sell my Neo 25, preferably with my 2 new Taito stools and Darksoft MVS. As the headline says, the chassis is bad (Toei TC-A252K). I sent this into Sharp Image Repair and they had it for a full year and unfortunately were unable to repair it. Currently, there is a picture which...
  3. kazuo

    AES stuck in watchdog (fast click of death), garbage screen

    Back again with another AES in a bad way... this one was stuck in the click of death (fast clicking/popping), then I started messing with it. :D I immediately found a bunch of corrosion around the LSPC2; I cleaned most of it and ran a few bodge wires, and I was able to buzz everything out...
  4. kazuo

    AES failing VRAM DATA test on Neo Diagnostic BIOS

    Been messing with an AES off and on for... a while. Finally got it to boot with the Neo Diagnostic BIOS, and I'm getting this error: My initial guess was "cool, time to swap the VRAM out", but the documentation seems to suggest it is unlikely to be the VRAM: Anyone have any ideas on the next...
  5. R

    SOLD Neo Geo AES JP Console Boxed w/ KOF 94 for $650 + Shipping

    Neo Geo AES JP Console Boxed w/ KOF 94 for $650 + Shipping. I might be open to a partial trade depending on what's offered :) Pics and video here:
  6. bitkid

    WTB Super Neo 29 PCB door

    I’m looking for the PCB door that fits a Super Neo 29 cab. Located in NorCal USA.
  7. zorakbrak

    FS FS: Prices Reduced! MVS Kits: Nightmare in the Dark; SVC Chaos; SSV and more along with various MVS Carts/Cabs and Naomi

    I can't access my old account here and it's been some time since I've posted but if you want to check out my feedback you can do so via the links to my original posts on as well as eBay under username Starscream615. Selling off my arcade collection to raise some funds for the...
  8. H-Games

    FS FS: Neo Geo Gold X Bundle

    Hello everyone. Decided to sell my Neo Geo Gold X items. Here are the details: -Neo Geo Gold X System - New never used. Opened when purchased to make sure all components are there and working (turned on once). Complete with Neo Geo AC adapter, manual, mini to HDMI cable, arcade stick...
  9. SeasonedBeef

    Neo Geo MVS MV1B + Minigun Supergun Front-loader Plug-and-Play console

    Here is a project that I've been working on from scratch for the past two years. It's actually quite far along already in the build phase! Just two more pieces to print and assemble. Design goals and constraints: It needs to look and function like an actual console from the 90's Frontload...
  10. H-Games

    FS For Sale: Neo Geo Large Marquees NOS

    Sold my big red so looking to sell these large marquees. All marquees are new old stock and all are original SNK. If interested shoot me a message, thank you. Neo Turf Masters $75 Samurai Shodown II (plexi marquee) $85 Rage of the Dragons $60 SVC Chaos $60 Irritating Maze $65 Beast Busters $45...
  11. striderzero96

    FS Super CD Dynastic Hero, Super Air Zonk & KoF '98 AES U.S.

    Hey everyone, Letting go of some pretty expensive stuff that I had sitting in storage. All prices are in USD. SNES: Castlevania Dracula X factory Sealed $2,500 *Sold offsite for asking price* Harvest Moon factory sealed $2,500 *Sold offsite for asking price* Turbo/Super CD: The Dynastic Hero...
  12. Otachi_R1X

    FS [NOT FOR SALE] TaiToc Labs OMVS + TerraOnion NeoSD Pro + Custom MVS Arcade Stick + Other Controllers

    **US domestic shipping only** I have the following for sale as a single lot. Everything is single owner and in perfect aesthetic and functional condition. (1x) TaiToc Labs OMVS (Consolized Neo Geo MV1C board). It was one of the original units that was assembled and tested by Taitoc Labs, not...
  13. R

    FS CPS2, Atomiswave, Neo Geo MVS and more

    Looking to offload some of my extra games. Shipping Not Included. Please let me know if any of my prices are off. I'm open to offers too, especially if you buy multiple. See pictures here: CPS2: Marvel Super Heroes w/ InfiniKey B board -- $225...
  14. K

    Hello, all!

    I'm Kate, and I'm making a homebrew Neo Geo game. Running it on MAME is one thing, but my dream is to produce physical cartridges that play on original hardware. I could probably contact an Alibaba bootlegger to make a run of them for me, but then I just about guarantee that my ROM would get...
  15. Retro Raider

    WTB Pop 'n Bounce Neo Geo mvs cart

    Hi all - Not rare or on most folks' want list, but interested in obtaining an authentic, original label, good condition, tested Pop n Bounce MVS cart. Got one to get rid of? Hit me up. Thanks
  16. Matan

    AES 3-6 schematics

    Hi all, I need your help. I got an AES ver 3-6 with damaged traces. Looking for some schematics in order to repair. Thank you
  17. StalkS

    FS Instant MVS Collection (75 Games + Extra's) - All yours for.......

    Well now that’s got your attention I’d better give you the background. I’m looking to move on my MVS collection but rather than break it down piecemeal I thought I’d see if there is anyone out there who: a). wants to start, or add to an existing MVS Collection, or b). wanted to cherry-pick and...
  18. R

    mv-1fz player 2 select stuck

    I have a Neo Geo mv-1fz board where the player 2 select is stuck in the test menu. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start troubleshooting this issue? I have a couple of parts board for extra parts if needed.
  19. Retro Raider

    WTB NeoGeo MVS Magician Lord/Aero Fighters 3/Ninja Masters carts

    Hi guys - Title says it all. Verified authentic and fully working carts only please. Look forward to your responses. Thanks
  20. Dloop

    WTB MV1C

    My cartridge slots on my MVS board is not gripping the carts anymore, and hence not being able to read the games. I need a replacement, and would like to find a MV1C where the cart is upgright in case it doesn't offer as much wear on the slots. A plus if it comes with unibios 4.0.