Astro City II replacement light cover?

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    • ^that^ You would have to send it off to someone to repro the art, laser cut the acrylic and reverse mount it I think. Its very doable since its small too.

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    • The artwork is so simple that you could easily learn to use Inkscape in an afternoon and vector it by yourself. Then just take the artwork to any store that does prints for lightboxes and ask them do it. They might even put it in the corner of a bigger print and charge you nothing for it.

      Inkscape also does .dxf's. Bonus. Draw the outlines for the plexi, export as .dxf, and take that file to a place that has a lasercutting machine.
    • Yaton just had some Astro City 2 parts on eBay this past weekend. Looks like he dismantled a cab for parts. I snagged some speakers for mine. I suggest contacting him and checking. He’s come through on oddball stuff like this before.

      Nice score by the way, I wonder if yours originated from the same place mine did?
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