Using S-JIHP for Crazy Taxi with sticks instead of wheel

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    • Using S-JIHP for Crazy Taxi with sticks instead of wheel

      Would it be possible to make a mod so I can use the S-JIHP with my normal sanwa stick on a Naomi to play Crazy Taxi?

      As I understand the analog controls allow range from 0V-5V, while the stick only does 0V or 5V.
      I like to play the game like on a Dreamcast with a stick.
    • For all intents and purposes, brake could probably be fine with a digital button wired up to the analog channel, though would probably need a resistor to ground so that the input isn't just floating at 0v.

      Acceleration might do better with the finesse afforded by analog control, but if you're OK with either 0 acceleration or full acceleration, then digital might be OK here, too.

      Assuming you had a 4 way analog stick, you'd likely want up/down to be acceleration (though really middle position to up, rather than down to up, or the car will likely accelerate at the middle position... not sure how to accommodate for that, though.), and left/right to be steering.

      Though if you've got access to the Dreamcast version, why settle for make-shift, perhaps less than ideal, controls for the arcade version, when the console version already controls the way you like?