Vogatek Supergun MK IV

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    • Vogatek Supergun MK IV

      Ok, so today I picked up my Vogatek MK IV, which got me really excited about dusting off some of the old boards. I don't have a cabinet at the moment, so it's been *a while* since I played any of them. Vogatek Superguns are simple enough. Plug in the board, plug in the SCART, the PC PSU, a controller, speakers and you're golden. Nope! Not me! On the first try, the power diode blinked like crazy for about two seconds, and after that I just get a single blink every time I turn the PSU on.

      Looks like a short, but I can't find it. Or maybe I'm just retarded and I'm missing something. I don't know. I've given up trying. It's getting late, it's been a long day at work, and the Vogatek guy sure took his sweet time sending it. I was super pumped to play some games. Tried three PSUs, same thing [single blink every time]. Tried it on Caveman Ninja and Captain Commando. I just hope it didn't screw up my boards, because if it has, I'll find the guy. Seriously.

      Any suggestions? I'm posting here before writing him, just in case the solution is too obvious for me to figure out. Here is a video of a typical boot attempt. Any help is greatly appreciated, guys. Thanks.

      P.S. - I've heard that Vogatek stuff is unreliable, but like I said, I checked it for obvious shorts, and I can only assume the guy is at least testing them before he ships them out. Oh well. Came in double bubblewrap envelopes, but there isn't really anything there that can be broken or damaged in the mail.

      Here are some images, as well:

      Image 01
      Image 02
      Image 03
    • Do you know if the game PCB's were working ok before you connected them?
      Is there any tension, downward pull on the JAMMA edge connector? Maybe you can use your finger to give it some support so connections are aligned horizontally.
      If you have a multimeter you can search for shorts on the JAMMA edge while it's powered off.
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    • I haven't used these particular boards in years, so I can't be 100% positive, but I'd say it's highly unlikely. Especially since the malfunction is identical with all PSU and board combinations. I'll test the JAMMA edge for shorts as soon as I get home. I haven't had the nerve to connect more boards. I've contacted the manufacturer and he's offered to replace the unit, but I would really like to know what went wrong. He claims he tested it, and that it worked fine. Oh well. Thank you for a reply.
    • I'd say:

      1) Make sure that the Jamma pins on your PCB and in the Vogatek are properly aligned.
      2) Try it plugged without joysticks/pads. Even without SCART cable. Check behaviour.
      3) Try the PCBs in another cabinet/setup. You said all PCBs do the same so it's either a Vogatek problem or a PSU problem.
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