CPS3 troubleshooting

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    • CPS3 troubleshooting

      I'm currently troubleshooting a CPS3 board that was (unfortunately) damaged by customs in shipping.

      At first I believed the problems to be with the simms or slots, but after extensive cleaning and some more testing I think the problem lies with the motherboard itself. Often when turned on, the screen is garbled. If you apply pressure to the board on or near the simms it will boot but then freeze unpredictably again.

      I don't have a CD drive hooked up (waiting on a SCSI2SD) however the problems are quite apparent without one. I can get into the darksoft flash memory utility, where you can see data change on the simms if pressure is applied to the slots or the board is wiggled at all. I have thoroughly cleaned the slots and simms with deoxit.

      Anyway can someone with a CPS3 check the 20 pin chip in front of the cart slot and see if your pin 14 is missing like mine is? The chip appears to be a 6103fpj alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf…3/HITACHI/HA16103FPJ.html

      See pic: