1. J

    CPS3 diagnostic

    Hello Guys! I just got some CPS3 related stuff and i would love your help to know what is going on with them. Items 1 - CPS3 Mobo with some kinda repair or bypass? 2 - CPS3 Mobo 3 - 2x64 simms 4 - 4x128 simms 5 - SFNG Cart ------ 2nd Mobo So what did i do with them? First i cleaned...
  2. O

    Cps3 System For Sale - Price Droped

    I am new here so I will take help well known user "Hursit" on this selling post, he will make all tests before sending to buyer 1. System Asking 1.000€ new price 960€ Rev Security Card CDRom Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4 Slot 5 Slot 6 Slot 7 Cps3 - 01 Yes Yes 64 Mbit 64 Mbit 128 Mbit...
  3. T

    WTB: Metal Enclosure/Case for CPS3

    I'm looking for one of those metal enclosures/cases for the CPS3. If you got a spare and are willing to part with it, please let me know! Thanks.
  4. plasia

    SOLD: CPS3 New Generation Kit!

    I just got a new job, it's teaching Year 12 IT which is awesome, unfortunately it's in Mildura (anyone else from Melbourne in Australia would tell you that it's a bloody long way away). So my marriage is being moved forward and I have to move pretty quickly! I was originally going to use this...
  5. M


    HI, if someone want to sell me a cover for cps3 i'm here :)
  6. skate323k137

    CPS3 troubleshooting

    I'm currently troubleshooting a CPS3 board that was (unfortunately) damaged by customs in shipping. At first I believed the problems to be with the simms or slots, but after extensive cleaning and some more testing I think the problem lies with the motherboard itself. Often when turned on, the...
  7. D

    Multiple Items for sale STv-1 CPS3 parts and board Soul Edge, Outrun

    For sale Sega STv-1 Motherboard working with non working Die Hard Arcade Cart $80 4 64MB ram chips for a cps 3 send me an offer will set price soon just trying to determine fair market value. 2 Soul Edge PCBs working 60 each Sega Outrun board pulled working $290 Sega Pitfall Board pulled...
  8. T

    CPS-3 Problems

    Hi Guys, Fired up my cps3 multi bios set up for the first time in a few months. The game loaded was third strike, when it got going it seemed there was a lot of graphics issues and that it was running too fast, game then crashed in attract mode. I thought maybe the game got corrupted somehow so...
  9. penrhos

    CPS3 memory questions...

    Picked up a SF3 3rd strike cart (to get multi-bios'd) and 3*64M + 3*128M simms cheap from YHJ and the damn things work, the voltage on the battery in the cart looks good but I had a job and a half getting the simms to flash. It would constantly crash with error 24 and a load of Japanese text and...
  10. juanmiglesias

    CPS3 troubleshooting - >Help

    Hi guys, recently I modified my naomi to accept netboot and CF, so didn't need to mess with my gd-rom all the time which is pretty cool, so I was in one of those arcade repair week, fixed my sfa3, super buster bros, and Saturday Night Slam Masters. So i decided to move to my CPS3, my security...
  11. Darksoft

    64 & 128Mb CPS3 Repro SIMMS!!

    I checked with a company, the price for producing 128Mb CPS3 SIMMS. Their task would be to copy the PCB, oursource the Flash memories, solder it and give a ready to use product. I'm thinking of grabbing enough people to make a 50 units order. That would give a price of around $60 per SIMM...
  12. Darksoft

    CPS III Bios and CD Releases

    All the official announcements for the CPS3 Multi BIOS and CDs will be done here. The files need to be converted to CHD in order to be played on MAME. Those CDs are ready to be played from the Real Arcade CPS3 setup. You need to have the Multi BIOS installed in your CPS3 cartridge. If you also...