Cps3 2nd impact problem Help

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    • Cps3 2nd impact problem Help

      hello guys I my friend gave me his cps3 sf3 2nd impact and it boots in 2 types

      1st is graphics problem but running with sound in it
      2nd is Japanese text display

      Has anyone has ever encountered thus problem? I tried cleanung the main board still this two problems still occur.

      Here are some pictures of the problems
      • C360_2016-10-14-04-06-29-553.jpg

        254.38 kB, 2,048×1,536, viewed 102 times
      • C360_2016-10-14-04-06-19-516.jpg

        258.7 kB, 1,536×2,048, viewed 112 times
      • C360_2016-10-14-03-43-49-241.jpg

        320.61 kB, 1,536×2,048, viewed 93 times
      • C360_2016-10-14-03-44-09-563.jpg

        568.19 kB, 2,048×1,536, viewed 105 times
    • I'm not familiar with CPS3, but from the look of the first two photos it seems like a RAM issue. Maybe there's an unsoldered pin somewhere around them or around one of the customs.
      As for the japanese text i hope there's a setting you can change in the config for that, but I don't really know if and where exactly.
      My 15kHz cabinet Peplos will never power up, with any item, and I am quite proud of that.