1. FrAshi

    MS-2930 - 15hz horizontal width?

    Blast City with Nanao MS-2930. In 15hz mode (using a cps2 multi), I have about 2 inches on the left and right. I’ve read something about a switch on the chassis to go wide... anyone know about this? I’ve messed with most of the adjustments on chassis and it’s helped with picture quality and...
  2. Kujako

    HAPP light guns on Atomiswave?

    I know others have gotten this to work, but not been able to find a concise guide as to what needs to be done and what hardware is needed. Anyone have any pointers?
  3. ArcSys101

    Cps3 2nd impact problem Help

    hello guys I my friend gave me his cps3 sf3 2nd impact and it boots in 2 types 1st is graphics problem but running with sound in it 2nd is Japanese text display Has anyone has ever encountered thus problem? I tried cleanung the main board still this two problems still occur. Here are some...
  4. beast1x5

    Taito Type X setup help

    I recently purchased a taito type X from sophia corp and I also purchased a multigame HDD from arcademodbios. for some reason when starting up tetris the grandmaster 3 it gives an error message then booting back to the game selection menu. the only game working with this Multi kit is GigaWing...
  5. beast1x5

    Sega PSU cable help???

    I recently purchased a sega naomi net dimm kit and i have an external PSU for it however I don't have the proper cable or skill set to be able to make a power supply for it or power it up... it's for connector VLP-03 in order to power it up.. any info is greatly appreciated
  6. kahlovand


    Hey, I hope anyone can help me with my problem (I come from german and my english is not the best) Last Week i buy an Sega naomi 2 Cab with virtua soccer 3. Now when i start the game and use my Soccer Team its still freezed not black screen still freezed. What can i do? Its possible to make a...
  7. juanmiglesias

    CPS3 troubleshooting - >Help

    Hi guys, recently I modified my naomi to accept netboot and CF, so didn't need to mess with my gd-rom all the time which is pretty cool, so I was in one of those arcade repair week, fixed my sfa3, super buster bros, and Saturday Night Slam Masters. So i decided to move to my CPS3, my security...