Neo Geo MVS MV-2F Project & Recap

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    • Neo Geo MVS MV-2F Project & Recap

      I found some old photos that I took of my MV-2F, so I figured that I should post them since I've done write-ups on my other two MVS motherboards (MV-1C and MV-4F). This was my very first MVS, and I had partially consolized it. I will remove all of that work in the future, since I'm now using my HAS Supergun with it.

      I've recapped it with high-temp/long life caps (Rubycon, Sprague, Nichicon, Illinois, and Nippon) and replaced the battery with a rechargeable LIR-2032. The battery hold has been replaced with the correct fitting type (final photo). RGB+S are 75 ohm video cable that is shielded and ground-terminated at both ends. It's sporting Unibios 3.3 (not 3.2 as pictured) and a NeoSaveMasta. I also made two short ribbon cables for the LEDs, which I will eventually mount in some kind of case. Ready for the multi! :D

      The correct battery holder in place:

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