Pinned Taito F3 Make Your Motherboard Region Free

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    • Got mine this weekend, and yesterday I tried the needle-nose plier route; but my Japanese mobo did not want to snap all the way - just small pieces, and not all the way down. Also, even with my smallest pliers I was in serious jeopardy of snapping one of the nearby pins. In the end I had to use a hobby knife-set, and kind of shave off layer by layer until all the plastic was gone. This took about 90 minutes (watched two eps of The Orville during), but it worked perfectly, no bent or broken pins, and I just came back from the garage having had a few games of Arabian Nights and Puzzle Bobble!
    • If I understand correctly, different regions have the plastic pieces on different pins, and each set of pins that is blocked this way is not used by any region.
      Which pins are actually used?
      In the middle row I guess we can rule out the first three on each side as well as 7th, 8th, 9th (, 24th, 25th, 26th) and 10th, 11th, 12th (, 21st, 22nd, 23rd).

      btw, are the connectors a modified DIN41612? (Also used on the Sega ST-V..?)
    • New

      I want to say that I finally did this on my Japanese mobo. My thoughts which may help others.

      1. My plastics were not brittle, but rubbery so doing the below still worked great.
      2. Do not wiggle it and watch the surrounding pins.
      3. Grab the plastic rectangle on one side and bend all the way to one side (left or right) until you hear a snap. Without letting go, bend the other direction. Then move to the other end of rectangle and do the same. Four "snap" sounds later and the rectangle will just slide off.
      4. Wiggling on my board, which was not brittle, resulted in chucks coming off and not getting a clean removal.

      Hope this helps others, also I used a really small set of needle nose pliers that had very strong grip.