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    • SuperLightGun?

      This is an old project of mine that got put on the back burner for years due to accuracy and misfire issues.
      With all that sorted I spent some time over the weekend putting ideas into play.

      I present to you my SuperGun for Lightguns, or my SuperLightGun
      So far its compatible with Arcade, PS1, PS2, Dreamcast VGA. The same accurate aim and kick ass recoil across multiple platforms.
      The gun is an aftermarket NAMCO rep branded NAMED, but it is pretty much exactly the same as the original, seem to recoil harder too.
      I've removed the sensor pcb from the gun and fit a Guncon2 3-legged sensor to a small pcb in its place with the shield cover.
      A 100n capacitor was required across its power and ground to stop the crosshair teleporting.
      I've increased the hose length to over 2 meters with no issues. Im using fully shielded RGBHV cable.

      The gun needed a recoil circuit so I put together 2 small 555 timer circuits, one is for single fire recoil and the other one controls rapidfire+recoil. I found they interfered with the trigger input unless a diode was used inline.
      There's a plug on the back of the pedal for 24v input to power the solenoid.

      The pedal is from a Time Crisis machine.
      I've fit buttons and D-pad for console input (the D-pad is from a Dreamcast Mad Catz Blaster)
      Theres a SPDT switch and button on the side for Arcade Service and Test

      The centre board is an input patch board. I'm using it to output inputs to a dance mat via the D-Sub 9 plug and that mess of white patch wires. After building it I found similar VGA breakout boards for less than $4.. Oh well.
      I'm using patch wires as im unsure what mapping id like for the mat and i like being able too change things easily if needed.
      The pedal also takes its input from the patch board incase I need to change it to something else.
      I dont have a mat hacked up yet but as soon as i do ill be using it to play some Dino Stalker.

      The D-Sub 15 plug is input for the light guns I've padhacked.
      Tore each gun down to its main pcb then covered them in some super thick heat shrink. They are as hard as a rock now. Replaced the caps onboard before too.

      Guns used are GunCon1, Guncon2 and Mad Catz Dreamcast Blaster.
      I recommend using these guns if you want to make one yourself, especially the Mad Catz Blaster as it can be used for North American games and all other official Dreamcast guns are locked out.
      The original sensor is removed and the NAMED gun is wired in its place.

      The pinouts for the D-Sub 15 and each gun are

      Best to route your pedal to pin 5 for cross system compatibility.

      Guncon1 D-sub 15 pinout
      1- Ground
      2- Trigger
      3- N/A
      4- B
      5- A
      6- N/A
      7- B
      8- N/A
      9- N/A
      13- Sensor
      14- +3.3v
      15- +3.3v

      Guncon2 D-sub 15 pinout
      1- Ground
      2- Trigger
      3- C
      4- B
      5- A
      6- Select
      7- Start
      8- Up
      9- Down
      10- Left
      11- Right
      12- Reserved
      13- Sensor
      14- +3.3v
      15- +5v

      Dreamcast Mad Catz Blaster D-sub 15 pinout
      1- Ground
      2- Trigger
      3- B
      4- B
      5- B
      6- Mode(B if you don't want the fire modes)
      7- Start
      8- Up
      9- Down
      10- Left
      11- Right
      12- N/A
      13- Sensor
      14- +5v
      15- +5v

      Here's a cheeky little video of me using 2 of these guns for Vampire Night on PS2 in rapidfire mode.

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    • So if I'm understanding the gun electronics correctly you basically took the Namco "Named" recoil guns and swapped the sensor setup with that from a Gun Con?

      I do really like how you utilized the empty space in the pedal box.
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    • I have the original namco guns and pedals.
      So...if you can hook it up with a kit of the needed parts to complete this awesome mod that would be awesome.

      At one point I was trying to see if these guns could be modded to be made wireless, but they just dont have the space to install a decent battery and necessary circuitry.
    • syntax_X wrote:

      A mate has a set held in customs at the moment...
      Yep! That's me! And unfortunately, it didn't get through and they've seized it :(

      Derick2k wrote:

      So...if you can hook it up with a kit of the needed parts to complete this awesome mod that would be awesome.

      I made mine in a way that it's "plug and play" and "restore back to stock". I used made 6 pin connectors for the gun and 3 pin (well I used a 2 pin since I had no plans for using the pedal in a cabinet again).

      For a long time, I bugged and nagged @syntax_X when I first got wind of this mod. I used his version 1 schematic and after me nagging him and finally building it, he improves it and makes a v2 of it shortly after :), so my second pcb is a v2 (was supposed to be for the second namco gun, but since it got seized, I don't have a second gun to use).

      Here's my version - unfortunately it doesn't seem to go as fast or as loud as the NAMED version - it's also possible my electronic skills is crap. I did this project WITHOUT any electrical knowledge, just soldering capability, so if I can do it, I'm sure everyone else can.

      I'm still cheering over finishing my build of version 1!

      Thanks for all your assistance - bet you didn't think I'd ever get it after our first conversations we had :D :D
    • RageKage wrote:

      Is there a way to build this into a cabinet? Are you running only console emulators or mame as well? I want to build something like this for my first project.

      I ported this mod over to an Original Time Crisis cabinet allowing me to use the benefits of the light gun specific cabinet, but at the same time, having access to the whole library of light gun games that the PS2 has to offer (as long as it's Gcon2 compatible)

      I use an original Namco System 22 or a PS2, there's no console emulation happening.

      I know Syntax also uses original consoles ie. ps1, ps2 and dc
    • rewrite wrote:

      Oh man. I am totally going to do this and toss a PS2 in my cab.
      That's exactly what I did! Albeit I don't have a Gcon1 and DC (yet)

      I put a PS2 on my Time Crisis 1 cabinet - this way, I've got access to the Gunvari collection (TC1, Point Blank 1, 2 and 3), TC2, TC3, Crisis Zone, Ninja Assault and Vampire night - pretty much all of Namco's CRT Light Gun Games