Mame for Taito Type X2 on Niko's v1.4 multi

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    • Guy's, I am running this on a Viewlix in vertical mode. the mame is coming up horizontal, which I can live with, but all the vertical games are also coming up horizontal when they should be vertical. I see some settings at the bottom of the screen- Configure options/machine, plugins, and exit. Is this where this could be changed, and if so how do I access this area - I seem to be only able to select/play games and looks like select screenshot type images. . . .
    • There are options in the Mame.ini file that you can turn on, depending on what you want to do. The default is horizontal mode without any rotation. I am pretty sure the MAME menu can be put into vertical mode, as well as the games always being vertical, or using the autorotate option where vertical games will display vertically and horizontal games horizontally. If you want everything to always to be vertical, I can look up which options to change for you.