PARSEC Supergun Project

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    • I disconnected the existing JAMMA harness wiring from my (unfinished) aluminum arcade cabinet and connected the Parsec to the tri-sync 25" arcade monitor and amplifier directly. The RGB input of the monitor has selectable 1k or 75 ohm inputs so I set it to 75. The VGA connector on the expanded RGB hat has separate vertical sync and this made it easier to dial in the vertical hold on the monitor.

      Looks really good, IMHO.

      Someday I will replace the existing wiring in the cabinet with a modified Parsec.

      With the component video hat, Viletim's component add-on board is only generating the Pr and Pb from red, green, and blue. The luma (Y) is tapped into the s-video luma directly.
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    • I assembled the first v2.0 Parsec PCB today.

      New features & changes:
      RGB level adjustment pots.
      Uses a THS7316 for RGB buffering instead of the BH7236AF RGB outputs
      Uses a EL1883 instead of the LM1881 for sync
      uses 8p mini-DIN for RGB SCART connection instead of the 9p Genesis 2 connector
      -5v regulator on/off switch powers JAMMA with ATX -5v when off
      Now supports 6 buttons over JAMMA with DIP switches

      I am now working on the HAT board for it.

      I'm still doing testing but things are looking good so far. The RGB video appears a bit sharper and the RGB adjustment pots are nice to have finally :)

      Since some Genesis 2 RGB scart cables are wired differently, I decided to change over to the 8p mini-DIN with XRGB mini Framemeister compatible pinout.
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    • Instead of having two different HAT boards for component video and VGA connectors I just made one HAT that can accommodate all the components. This new HAT can be custom assembled depending on what features are needed. So there's 4 things you can do with the new HAT:

      • Output RGB via VGA connector with switch to select composite sync or horizontal / vertical sync
      • YPbPr component video at 240p using the Viletim component video add-on board
      • 1/8" stereo auxiliary audio input which connects to 8p mini-DIN A/V connector
      • Mounting holes for mini voltmeter

      The previous VGA connector HAT had an 8p mini DIN also, so a total of 3 RGB connectors with the on-board 9p mini DIN, kinda excessive.

      v2.0 Parsec Supergun PCB features:

      • JAMMA, JAMMA+ compatible
      • 24 pin ATX power input connector (also works with 20 pin ATX)
      • Push button on/off switch
      • On-board -5v regulator provides up to 1A
      • -5v regulator on/off switch connects JAMMA to ATX -5v when off
      • LEDs indicating presence of +5v, -5v, +12v, and standby power
      • Built-in NTSC video converter
      • XRGB mini compatible 8p mini-DIN A/V connector for RGB SCART
      • S-video and RCA composite video jacks
      • Separate red, green, and blue level adjustment
      • 1/8" stereo line out jack or 8p mini-DIN A/V connector provides audio
      • 8p mini-DIN sound output disabled when 1/8" audio is connected
      • Stereo / mono switch
      • Audio attenuation circuit with isolation transformers
      • Neo Geo compatible controller ports for players 1 and 2 with Undamned pinout
      • Credit, test, and service buttons on-board
      • Kick harness connector
      • Buttons 4-6 on JAMMA connector can be disabled with DIP switches
      • Basic button remapping option: credit and button 5 can be swapped by moving jumpers

      Won't be much longer now and I will have the first v2.0 boards available. So much work.........
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    • New

      Just a quick update

      Assembly is going well, unfortunately I have some back ordered parts and that is holding up production.

      Hopefully 1 more week and I'll be able to finish assembly and test 6 more Parsecs.

      I have to admit, I'm not very fast assembling these. It takes me about 4-5 hours to build each one start to finish.

      I don't know if there is much interest, but I am open to selling the bare PCB (with digikey parts list) or maybe a full kit with all parts.

      Like before, I am offering the Parsec v2.0 for sale direct, through Tindie, and sometimes I list 1 or 2 on ebay. I raised the price by $10 due to additional component cost and assembly time over the v1.1 Parsec Supergun.
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      Finally the remaining parts arrived so I was able to finish assembly. Parsecs and HAT boards are available again.
      I make the main Parsec PCB and the HAT board into the same design to save money over ordering 2 separate PCBs. The only downside is the extra labor cutting the board and filing the edges smooth.

      I will try to have a full kit available soon. I'm asking $99 for PCB and all parts for the main Supergun board. $15 extra for all the components on the hat board, minus the Viletim component video circuit.

      I will send PMs when I have the full parts kits available.
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      Picked up one of your 2.0 superguns from Ebay and I got it working yesterday with my CPS-2 board I plan on doing the darksoft multi-kit with! Thanks!

      This is my first arcade board and supergun and real project in the hobby. Pretty amazing seeing the arcade board running on my HDTV (also grabbed an OSSC). Excited for next steps although nervous about the soldering part for the key writing and I know I'll have to do the kick harness as well but should be good learning experience.

      Here is my first crimp job and the Parsec supergun powered up and kicking ass. For now I am having the supergun generate the -5V, is there any benefit to having it come from the PSU? I did order a longer ATX 20 pin cable I'll install later and will use the -5V wire but curious pros/cons to either approach.
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