PARSEC Supergun Project

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      I have to admit, I am having some burnout on building Parsec superguns by hand. In the last 2 years I have built over 100 of them.

      I will be building one last batch of 6 available late December / early January. Then I need to take a break for a while, then look at my options for building larger quantities and possibly another redesign.

      I will continue to offer the bare PCBs with parts list for the v2.2 Parsec.
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      It does look pretty time consuming to build those. I bought one 8 months ago and finally fired it up the other day. Works great, good work man!

      I ripped a bunch of ATX power supplies out of junk PCs, but I can't seem to find a nice form factor. Any recommendations? I'd prefer not to buy one, but I'm not finding what I want. I'd like to build this into a case of some sort and have it all self contained.