Sega Universal Upright conversion

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      Well the good news is Jomac said to send over the chassis and he'll have a look over and hopefully get it to a working state!

      Fingers crossed!

      Last night, I decided to do some cable management on the Piforce-Web setup...

      Here's the final product

      Granted I cheated a bit with using the space on the risers, I still think she looks good! :)

      Used an old micro usb cable that I stripped, crimped some terminals on a JST connector to plug direct to CN12 of the Naomi board (pin 1 is 5v and pin 4 is gnd).

      This way, when the system turns on, the pi turns on.
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      mR_CaESaR wrote:

      And... The restoration has taken another dive! :( ...........There was an electrical smell that was very present in the air..

      mR_CaESaR wrote:

      Well the good news is Jomac said to send over the chassis and he'll have a look over and hopefully get it to a working state!

      Fingers crossed!

      Absolutely cannot fault Jomac!

      The chassis was sent on Thursday, he received it around midday, worked on it, replaced the flyback and did a service on the chassis, sent it off that evening!

      I received the chassis back late this afternoon and the results are very good!! :)

      Joey sent the flyback back to show where it exploded

      I decided to install the monitor with the sega frame...

      Silly me made a lot of assumptions.. The chassis had nowhere near the amount of clearance required. Since I still wanted the sega frame, I just grabbed some spare chipboard and used it to mount the chassis :)

      So after triple checking the wiring... It was finally time to give her a test!


      She's alive and actually looks better than what it did.

      I'm so glad that Jomac was able to fix this 31khz chassis, yes it's a weiya Chinese chassis but I'm ok with that.

      Really not looking forward to the day Jomac retires as he will leave a massive void in the arcade community here in Australia. Hopefully he has an apprentice or something :)

      I decided to put the back, bezel and cp all together just for the hell of it... The cab is really looking very close to completion!

      Here's a few closer shots of the Naomi

      Lastly, the speak grills have been painted satin black, but didn't realise I haven't got a glue gun, so I won't be able to fit it back to the bezel until I get a glue gun.

      The decision for a marquee is proving to be a difficult one... 90% of the game played on this cab will be MVC2, so it only makes sense to get a MVC2 marquee, but at the same time, one of the biggest reasons I wanted the marquee of this cab is for the blast city style topper... Decisions, decisions decisions!



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      Oh Nah... That's from the original cab.

      The only thing I grabbed from the knock off cab was the 31khz tube, chassis, monitor bezel and marquee.

      Everything else is from the original cab... Step down transformer, sound amp, sound amp transformer, wiring (except for the cp, which I made), jvs i/o - had to change the board since it had building caps and player 2 start didn't get recognised.