Thanks Frank_fjs

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    • Everything fit nicely, without issues. I like the spacious pads for the SMD components, it made placement and soldering easy.

      Everything went smoothly. As I mentioned earlier, this is my very first Super(Mini)gun. I had picked up a Neo Geo MV1C and it had just been sitting there collecting dust while I researched options on consolizing it. What I love about this setup so much is that I was able to use the same cable that I use for my NESRGB mod going into a PVM. After a bit of tweaking on the pots, the image is amazing.

      Thank you so much for this.

      This project has been a slippery slope, I picked up a Marvel vs Capcom CPS2 board as a result. I modded my Madcatz TE stick to work with the db15 connector, the pinout took me a bit to figure out but once I understood what was what, it made sense.

      I've seen a few Saturn to NeoGeo adapter projects, any recommendations for a console controller to Minigun adapter?
    • nutybug wrote:

      This project has been a slippery slope, I picked up a Marvel vs Capcom CPS2 board as a result.
      slippery slope huh...

      If you want I think you can fit a Brooks Universal Fight Board inside the Madcatz, then it will work with a bunch of stuff. Then you can use Undamned USB decoder to get it back down to db15 for the supergun.

      And when you're done with that, buy a cps2 multi and install it in the MvC!
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    • Hi ekorz, at the moment, I just setup a sort of test build on the controller tapping the points and setting up a makeshift db15 connector. I want to go the route of the Brooks Universal Fight Board, but I haven't seen Undamned's USB decoder in stock and the only place I've seen it has been on one site and out of stock for a while now. Unless there is another place to purchase it from that i'm not familiar with.
      As for the CPS2 multi kit thanks for the tip, I'll be adding that to the growing list of items.

      I see the CPS2 multi-kit on a few sites, any recommendations? (you can PM me if you like)