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  • Roz -

    Hey there! I just watched your video on youtube regarding Konami sound module reprods. Are you still servicing/repairing these boards? I have an X-men 4-player that hasn't had sound for years that I would love to get working again. The game plays 100% fine. I actually played it start to finish just before this post. Please let me know. Thank you!

  • Dylan -

    Hi Mitsurugi! Thanks for all your great work. Can I work with you on a repair for my CPS-2 multi with Giga Wing B board? I can send it in if needed. Photos are on the end of the CPS2 multi support thread. Thank you!

  • silent253 -

    Hi mitsu hey can do a system 256 dongle conversion of Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix 2? Do you have that game I just got a couple of system 256 dongles that I want coverted to other games.

  • hotcuervo -

    Hi mitsu. Do you know where I can get repro cpo and side art for Sega New Net City. TIA

  • Awbacon -


    Still selling the JVS to 24 pin ATX adapters? If so I’d love to grab one.


  • moorebwb -

    Hi ya there, how do i go about ordering the new sega system 16b multi? Im over in the uk. Also when are orders up for the cps1 system?

    Kind regards David

  • Mercurysoundz -

    I would love to have you replace the sound module on my Lethal Enforcers game, How do I go about making this happen? Someone has already tried using axial caps to fix mine...

  • JJJJJS -

    Hi, do you still offer the konami 054544 repro modules? I've got a xexex that I'd love to get up and running again. Thanks!

  • ruanchaosi -

    How to Clone X3 Game

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      I don't know how to clone x3 games and the info is not available publicly right now either.

  • NiceGuyJoe -

    Hi. I am interested in buying a Naomi to ATX power supply adapter. Are you still offering them?

    Thank You

  • Gewal -

    Hi. I am interested in purchasing a Naomi to atx power supply adapter. Please let me know if you still offer them.


  • James11 -

    I would like to use your service and place an order please

  • kryssss -

    Hi Mitsurugi-w,
    Could you supply me 2x JNX Raiden (and 2x Lazy Finger as well) ? Thanks, Chris

  • brisketnbulgogi -

    Hey mitsurugi, I pm'd you about some help on the system 369. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • sugar4salt -

    Hey mitsurugi, i am interested about lindbergh multi.

  • kiddjimmy1 -

    Hey mitsurugi,
    Messaged you about system 369

  • jb907 -

    Would you be able to install my dark soft multi kit for me? Will pay the fee

  • Anselmo -

    Hey Mitsu, sent you a PM. Need your help, I screwed up my cps2 multi kit. Thanks!

  • Retro839 -

    hi mitsurugi,,,
    what I gotta do for you to do me a cps2 multi?

    I got a few b boards so I could supply one ?

    im in uk but I could ship and pay return ship
    or you could just drop a cost to post one out to me pretty please?

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      I do not sell any of the Darksoft multis. The shops are the only place to buy them.

  • chrisapple -

    Can you convert my Taito Type X3 Puzzle and Dragons to Ultra Street Fighter 4 . You want me to sent you the whole mother board or just the Hard drive and dongle ? PM me Thanks.

  • Dalee -

    Great thanks, how do I buy the helper board.

  • Dalee -

    I saw an older thread and was wondering if any thing has changed. Also what’s the cost of your conversion board.

  • Dalee -

    Hi Mitsurugi-w,
    Could you tell me what guns work with you’re JVS conversion board for Lindbergh Multiboot.

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      Pretty much any arcade gun that used the X/Y system which uses potentiometers to determine where the gun is firing can be wired to work with the S-JIHP.

  • sugar4salt -

    I am interested on c2 multi.
    How much is it and how do I place an order?

  • YourPalCeej -

    Hi there! Are you still into working on System 246 dongles? Would love to hear from you. :D

  • Ravepants -

    Hi Mitsurugi, any chance you could share a copy of the 1-1 wiring pinout you used when wiring the UD usb decoder to the s-jihp please? i've just got one and a 360 wired controller, and wanted to make sure i wire it correclty! thanks :)

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      Do you have a copy of the Walsdawg pinout for the S-JIHP?

    • Ravepants -

      Hiya, yes I have the pinout, I have the 8 button UD, I was just curious to make sure I had the right pinout, im guessing its pretty much 1 - 1 but wasn't 100% on the home and a few other connections. :)

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      Just match start to start, button 1 to button 1, etc.

  • Jaime -

    Mitsurugi-w. What is the best way to get in line for the irem multi I'm super interested serious buyer I have 4 cabs I'd love to put 1 in.

  • DXDeacon -

    Hi there, I had just messaged you on Twitter. Just registered for this site so not familiar with things. Was interested in a cable you make to convert a standard PC power supply to work on a Naomi system with NetDimm, net boot, etc.

  • hamlicom -

    Hi there Mitsurugi-w
    I want to buy a Naomi Maple Adapters
    How can I make an order plz
    Best regards

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      I only have DIY kits. You have to harvest and solder the controller ports yourself. Send me a PM if you are interested.

  • BilonFullHDemon -

    Hi there Could you help me with geting a Soul Calibur 2 game for N S 246