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  • Dylan -

    Hi Mitsurugi! Thanks for all your great work. Can I work with you on a repair for my CPS-2 multi with Giga Wing B board? I can send it in if needed. Photos are on the end of the CPS2 multi support thread. Thank you!

  • silent253 -

    Hi mitsu hey can do a system 256 dongle conversion of Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix 2? Do you have that game I just got a couple of system 256 dongles that I want coverted to other games.

  • hotcuervo -

    Hi mitsu. Do you know where I can get repro cpo and side art for Sega New Net City. TIA

  • Awbacon -


    Still selling the JVS to 24 pin ATX adapters? If so I’d love to grab one.


  • moorebwb -

    Hi ya there, how do i go about ordering the new sega system 16b multi? Im over in the uk. Also when are orders up for the cps1 system?

    Kind regards David

  • Mercurysoundz -

    I would love to have you replace the sound module on my Lethal Enforcers game, How do I go about making this happen? Someone has already tried using axial caps to fix mine...

  • JJJJJS -

    Hi, do you still offer the konami 054544 repro modules? I've got a xexex that I'd love to get up and running again. Thanks!

  • ruanchaosi -

    How to Clone X3 Game

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      I don't know how to clone x3 games and the info is not available publicly right now either.

  • NiceGuyJoe -

    Hi. I am interested in buying a Naomi to ATX power supply adapter. Are you still offering them?

    Thank You

  • Gewal -

    Hi. I am interested in purchasing a Naomi to atx power supply adapter. Please let me know if you still offer them.


  • James11 -

    I would like to use your service and place an order please

  • kryssss -

    Hi Mitsurugi-w,
    Could you supply me 2x JNX Raiden (and 2x Lazy Finger as well) ? Thanks, Chris

  • brisketnbulgogi -

    Hey mitsurugi, I pm'd you about some help on the system 369. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • sugar4salt -

    Hey mitsurugi, i am interested about lindbergh multi.

  • kiddjimmy1 -

    Hey mitsurugi,
    Messaged you about system 369

  • jb907 -

    Would you be able to install my dark soft multi kit for me? Will pay the fee

  • Anselmo -

    Hey Mitsu, sent you a PM. Need your help, I screwed up my cps2 multi kit. Thanks!

  • Retro839 -

    hi mitsurugi,,,
    what I gotta do for you to do me a cps2 multi?

    I got a few b boards so I could supply one ?

    im in uk but I could ship and pay return ship
    or you could just drop a cost to post one out to me pretty please?

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      I do not sell any of the Darksoft multis. The shops are the only place to buy them.

  • chrisapple -

    Can you convert my Taito Type X3 Puzzle and Dragons to Ultra Street Fighter 4 . You want me to sent you the whole mother board or just the Hard drive and dongle ? PM me Thanks.

  • Dalee -

    Great thanks, how do I buy the helper board.

  • Dalee -

    I saw an older thread and was wondering if any thing has changed. Also what’s the cost of your conversion board.

  • Dalee -

    Hi Mitsurugi-w,
    Could you tell me what guns work with you’re JVS conversion board for Lindbergh Multiboot.

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      Pretty much any arcade gun that used the X/Y system which uses potentiometers to determine where the gun is firing can be wired to work with the S-JIHP.

  • sugar4salt -

    I am interested on c2 multi.
    How much is it and how do I place an order?

  • YourPalCeej -

    Hi there! Are you still into working on System 246 dongles? Would love to hear from you. :D

  • Ravepants -

    Hi Mitsurugi, any chance you could share a copy of the 1-1 wiring pinout you used when wiring the UD usb decoder to the s-jihp please? i've just got one and a 360 wired controller, and wanted to make sure i wire it correclty! thanks :)

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      Do you have a copy of the Walsdawg pinout for the S-JIHP?

    • Ravepants -

      Hiya, yes I have the pinout, I have the 8 button UD, I was just curious to make sure I had the right pinout, im guessing its pretty much 1 - 1 but wasn't 100% on the home and a few other connections. :)

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      Just match start to start, button 1 to button 1, etc.

  • Jaime -

    Mitsurugi-w. What is the best way to get in line for the irem multi I'm super interested serious buyer I have 4 cabs I'd love to put 1 in.

  • DXDeacon -

    Hi there, I had just messaged you on Twitter. Just registered for this site so not familiar with things. Was interested in a cable you make to convert a standard PC power supply to work on a Naomi system with NetDimm, net boot, etc.

  • hamlicom -

    Hi there Mitsurugi-w
    I want to buy a Naomi Maple Adapters
    How can I make an order plz
    Best regards

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      I only have DIY kits. You have to harvest and solder the controller ports yourself. Send me a PM if you are interested.

  • BilonFullHDemon -

    Hi there Could you help me with geting a Soul Calibur 2 game for N S 246

  • moorebwb -

    Hi there Mitsurugi-w

    I have the Sega STV and the cps2 multikits and the neogeo and taito in the pipeline for me this year, just wonder what else is due out this year? would the sega system 16 ever be able to be done? also really interested in the cps1 as well



    • Mitsurugi-w -

      Apocalypse is making b.v the S16 multi. Not sure when it will be released. Possibly could be pushed back to 2020 due to personal reasons. M72 multi will begin sales in a few weeks.

      Cps1 multi should be out this year.