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  • Fluffy -

    Ok, can you please post a picture?

  • vaughan14 -

    Hey, thanks for replying to my question.

    I get a garbled mess or sometimes it says address error.

    I am using the ddp3.zip mame romset with the ddpdojbl_fixed.zip with the dual boot from the thread.

    *a04401w064.u7 rom in U2
    *a04402w064.u8 rom in U4
    *m04401b032.u17 rom in U3
    *t04401w064.u19 rom in U5

    I can add pictures if it helps, trying to convert a Knights of Valor Plus.

    I appreciate all the work you've done I would be interested in purchasing the bare boards youre working on in the future for other the other games :).