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, Reading thread (Pre-Orders Open Now) Console JAMMAizer! Easily connect home consoles to your JAMMA arcade cabinet.

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  • armi0024 -

    Hello twistedsymphony. This is Susan from Paradise. I see you've had some issues with us, care to share so we can correct them?

    • twistedsymphony -

      It should be documented in your Ticketing system. When I placed my order last year your website screwed up and didn't fully process it. I created a ticket and also outlined the shipping issues I encountered in my previous orders .

      I was assured that the new order I placed would be handled properly and then it didn't ship out for nearly a week, when I did finally get it the package was overstuffed and my product arrived damaged, just like my previous shipments.

      I made it clear in that ticket that I was giving you guys another chance and all you did is let me down one more time.

    • armi0024 -

      So it is under the name twistedsymphony?

    • twistedsymphony -

      I just checked my email it was ticket #2586

  • mangofreak -

    hey twistedsymphony, In your "Mass-Storage Options on Classic Consoles" PC Engine category, I think it is the link you are looking for

  • mikun -

    Hello twistedsymphony,

    I have a DDR Arcade(Japan version) and I want to control the Arcade's light by using PACDRIVE.
    Then I saw your post about DDR Arcade's light conversion by using PACDRIVE:…hts/&postID=3401#post3401

    I don't have minimaid and LumenAR,I only have J-PAC and PACDRIVE.

    You gave lots of information and helped me alot ,but I still have some questions:
    1.Will it works in Stepmania if I reference the default mapping&settings you provided in the post?
    2.Is the power supply enough by using USB to PC? Do I need to give more power supply to my PACDRIVE?
    3.I saw two "+" mark on my PACDRIVE, it seems it's a ground? which wire should I plug in from the DDR Arcade's wire?

    Sorry by my poor Electronics and poor in English,but I really need your help, any advise will be large appreciate.

  • swisstoni -

    Hi saw your post ive got a broken CD Rom 2 (video below) its going to need some work I have got a replacement ribbon and cog I recently purchased for $20 just not got time to repair please make me an offer if interested (im in the UK)

    • twistedsymphony -

      Thanks for the offer but I'm not looking to repair one I'm mostly looking for a super-cheap case and PCB so I can take measurements to make some replacement parts.

  • kcarcadegame -

    $1,800 sorry it is not the cab picture here A month