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    Repro / Custom panel for various Japan cabinets 3.5.2021 updated.

    @alberto1225 you know you now need to make a MK2/3/4 panel right, with the same button layout :D:thumbsup: looks amazing
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    Repro / Custom panel for various Japan cabinets 3.5.2021 updated.

    Yeah that mk panel looks amazing :-)
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    Seta Aleck jamma board to Nintendo 64

    Yes I have about 3 of those panels . They have the most amazing lock system to switch between digital and analog controlls . A whole assy slides aside to make way for the pots
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    Looking to buy Batman Forever pcb complete

    Topic can be closed he did a magic spell and found one locally for a few 100 :rolleyes::saint:
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    Mazan: Flash of the Blade - and other fav unported arcade games - 3/7

    Love that game! Still own the original dedicated cabinet :-) . It’s was the steps that brought us crazy taxi later still like it now as the graphics and the reflections are Verry good. This was part of the Sega real life series. With later airline pilots,brave fire fighters etc etc
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    Looking to buy Batman Forever pcb complete

    Around 1200 for the set Ex ship for STV mobo Batman card Sound card and flat cable maybe some artwork but I can’t promise Don’t have picture in hand but trust me when I say mint it’s new condition. @ other (new users) who read this as I already had some pm s....don’t go sneaky sending me PM...
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    Killer Instinct 2 Volume control

    Also the killer instinct pcb has a volume setting in the main menu. If that is turned down you get no sound.
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    Looking to buy Batman Forever pcb complete

    I have a mint/nos condition set So card/sound board/STV main how much are you willing to spend . As it’s a rare board set and will cost Some serious money... also keep in mind that you have to power the sound board separate and also the sound output. It’s not plug and play. I’m from the...
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    Wanted latest Naomi 1 bios USA area

    I’m in need of the latest USA/JAP bios for Naomi 1 NetBoot as I sold a netboot system but the bios if supply d is a bit Iffy and I just want to make sure that’s it all perfect So can anybody in the USA make me one and send it to @Marvabetic in the USA Let me know please :) thx
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    WTB Sega Blast City Model 3 Loom

    @amstrick no sold my blast before I ever found it. Best bet is to build one yourself or find one on yahoo
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    FS: Cave Akai Kitana Kit

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    Zero pic needed Australia area

    HELP! A brother out :D:love:
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    Namco System 357/369 repairs

    Yes I can investigate it for you but I can’t promise I can fix it. No cure no pay :-) So that’s a plus I need everything (game /sec chip etc) but you have to pay shipping to the netherlands and back. Contact me via pm