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    Sega Naomi 2 + Capcom IO power question

    wow, this actually worked @BladeZX ??
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    Possible issue with Capcom Impress chassis

    Wow, that's quite a bummer if it can't be adjusted out. Paging MS9 guru @Hatsune Mike to enlighten us
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    Possible issue with Capcom Impress chassis

    Hmm. I was already set to swap out my Hitachi Chassis to an MS9 this weekend. My Hitachi just didn't have the color vibrancy and was beginning to make that noise that BuddyC described. In my research, it seemed the MS9 was a drop in replacement, going to be pretty bummed if it doesn't work...
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    Possible issue with Capcom Impress chassis

    Is there a difference between the Hitachi GMK29fs and the Hitachi GML?
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    Blast City Cleanup/Restore - Stringbean

    Yep, bent them, pulled out, bent them back. No biggie
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    Blast City Cleanup/Restore - Stringbean

    I also replaced my speakers this weekend.... I didn't spit it in half but I did remove the monitor and was able to get the speakers out that way.
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    Blast City Cleanup/Restore - Stringbean

    I was also working on a blast this weekend! I reference your curated posts to spark motivation and for pointers. I did some polishing :) with some of the Marine Polish you recommended
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    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Music to my ears, I'm # 250 on the waitlist! :D
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    Positive Feedback for @Jeks

    Shout out to @Jeks for a smooth transaction! Really straightforward dude and nice guy to deal with. He's new to the hobby and was very understanding when I asked him for references, which he has many as he's done plenty of business on the forum in his short time. Just wanting to put it out there...
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    FS CPS2 Darksoft Multi (SOLD)

    Can confirm tested working!
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    FS CPS2 Darksoft Multi (SOLD)

    Consignment sale for a local collector. I have this kit in my possession and will be giving it a thorough test before shipping. This will be double boxed and shipped with full insurance. Asking $775 plus actual shipping. SOLD Includes case as pictured and long lcd cable.
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    Capcom CP with Dreamcast controller ports hatch

    Curious, what's the history behind the panel? What cabs did they originally come on? What was the use for them?
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    FS: MS8-29 and MS9-29 tubes+Chassis

    They will, but there will have to be mounted different because of the bezel shape. I do have some sanwa PM1745 monitors that will fit a blast normally, they just don't do 31khz only 15khz and 24khz.
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    Nanao MS9-29 enhancement hacks

    In identifying the MS9 variants, is there a specific number or mark on the chassis that helps identify the variant on the chassis? Typically if the chassis is paired with the tube you can identify it by the markings on the tube/frame, but I have several MS9 chassis with no tubes and I'd like to...