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    Megatouch XL shenanigans: Looking for images, HDD preferred.

    The later megatouch stuff like Ion beats it with better hardware and better games. The dos based ones are on par, but both platforms have a charm. The shanghai and find-the-difference on Photoplay is really good gameplay-wise.
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    Megatouch XL shenanigans: Looking for images, HDD preferred.

    The pts-dos versions up to 2008 run on a 486/dx66 with 8mb,soundblaster compatible,vga system. There is a dallas dongle on the soundcard, and a hasp lpt dongle. Generic 3m touchscreen on com1. Nothing special. The 486 got upgraded a few times with generic mainboards that have isa soundcard so...
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    Cabal MVS port by iq_132

    Ok, this managed to fly under my radar, around march 2021 a nice port of Cabal was released. Some more info here: Video: View: Am i the only one that remembers the Toki video with the Sh1t F4ak...
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    Arcade games that support an optional, unique second screen

    I'll be damned but i forgot the name, there's a belt-scrolling double dragon type game, that has two actual jamma connectors for dual monitor 4-player support. Not sure, but i think it was from V-System? Kaneko? I cannot find it with these terms on-line.. :(
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    state of megatouch

    Everything is still as before ;)
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    CV1000 JTAG

    Very nice progress here lads, but does this mean we need to double check future cv1000 purchases, and worry about losing rare or uncommon undumped revisions?
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    New Net City woodplate

    Haha me too, but back in the day @videotronicsuk used to have these very available, so try to contact him and see if there are any left:)
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    Help with Top3000 Programmer Drivers

    Since Topall ver8.80 or later has obtained a Microsoft digital certificate, there is no need to prohibit digital signatures, just install it directly. No warning is displayed. 1. Uninstall all 360 software. If you do not uninstall, 360 will remove the .dll after installation. 2. Connect the...
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    Help with Top3000 Programmer Drivers

    I'm pretty certain it loads at least part of the firmware at 'boot'. Mine says "TOP 3000 ver 6.01" at the bottom. I had installed several versions of TopWin in the past, and if you run the 'latest' and then try the older software, it does not want to work with the new drivers. Need to fully...
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    my capcom cps1 32n1

    Start a claim in ebay and you can return the item. He sold a defective product so your protected by Ebay and Paypal etc. Do not let the seller give you the runaround. Good luck!
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    Rare game The World Warrior &Champion Edition

    according to this it can be patched in ram and it will appear. But does this also enable the bosses? Edit: this japanese hack it seems..
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    Rare game GULUB PA

    Can you tell us where it was found?
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    Yoke and tube specs for monitors

    Afreed, but you have no wierd effects using the pfx chassis with ms9 tube and yoke? Hsize and such are fine? Flat vs curved was no issue?
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    Yoke and tube specs for monitors

    @Hatsune Mike Saw your tweet about the MS9 tube on Sanwa PFX. I've got two of these PFX's (With original tubes, Hitachi and Shanghai novell) and the image on 15Khz is amazing. Considering to upgrade the MS9 tube to these PFX chassis to get trisync, is the picture on VGA any good with the low...
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    Pandora "3D games" games database?

    @Fluffy if your buddy does not care about CGA then we have a retropie image with hdmi where you can add anything you want. Lmk