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    [FS] THE ARCADE PCB CASE : "Universal Protection Case"

    Awesome, this may help me justify shipping on the M72 multi case too if I get some of these, would love to protect my splatterhouse! Will pm!!
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    Positive feedback for djsheep

    Love my CPS3 sticker, thanks DJSheep! Made it safely to Toronto and now is in a nice case.
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    Universal JAMMA versus kit

    Got a spitfire, a few of these are next
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    NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution

    Got 1, shame there's no more CRT bath t shirts, dope design
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    K C Game sale

    Okay I want a few 43 CM, dm'ing you or Facebook messenger or whatsapp best?
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    K C Game sale

    KC the stools are just 48 or you have 43 too?
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    NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution

    I'm down for a storefront and a code to access early, seems good to me. Want 2 of them! Glad to see this coming out!
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    [SOLD]: Mortal Kombat 4 Revision 3 pcb

    I was the one who got and bought, works great TY @BladeZX . Hope you can fix my MK4 board that kept resetting on me and sell it to one of these guys. Was finding MK4 pretty uncommon to find
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    SOLD: Capcom CPS-3 SIMMs + CD Drive

    I also have my old CPS3 multi so curious how selling the cd drive, disc, simms goes to justify spending $ on the upgrade. GLWS
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    New Australian Distributor

    Woo first Instagram follower! What did I win?
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    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

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    (Sold) Sega Naomi 2 Multi

    That pi looks awesome
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    Harnesses and other adapters by Lemony Vengeance

    Hey Lemony, congrats on your wedding, that's awesome man. Think I'll need a harness for an astro 2 but I might need more stuff too so I'll PM when I know and we'll see if I get to it before your wedding. Either way that's super exciting and hope it's a blast!
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    New Australian Distributor

    That's awesome @djsheep , cheers to lots of success mate!