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    Positive feedback for djsheep

    Ordered a full set of multi stickers. Received in the UK in about two weeks, well packed, no issues.
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    Sega System 16B multi kit installation & support

    I think I've possibly got another borderline iffy EPROM. If I leave Golden Axe running in attract mode, it will eventually hang on a black screen. Which EPROM should I look at? What other games are on the same chip, just to see if they have any problems?
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    replacing scsi cd-rom drive with scsi sd card adapter?

    It sometimes thinks one of the menu entries on the Neo Geo memory card manager has something to do with Cheetahs or Leopards, I forget which.
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    PGM single game PCB assembly and troubleshooting

    My cheap TL866 can do them.
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    In this thread we build the projects that others have shared - Sony 129x clone card for PVMs

    I finally managed to finish off and test my two BKM-129X cards, (needed to wait for the ADG1611 chips from China, Mouser shows those unavailable until November 2022!). I built both the SCART & VGA version as well as the full BNC clone. The former is great for the input support, the latter is...
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    In this thread we build the projects that others have shared - Sony 129x clone card for PVMs

    This is the VGA connector I used from Mouser: It sits flush against the edge of the PCB. I notice it is now out of stock, but the model number might be useful to find it elsewhere.
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    Axun Workshop - SCA101 SCART SWITCHER

    I grabbed one of these at the same time as my JJCBOX in matching black/gold. Works great!
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    S16 OLED selector - A challenger appears

    While I wait for the prototype PCBs to turn up, here are the current set of OLED bitmaps gathered from another thread: I've increased the canvas size to 128x64 keeping the original image centred; most of the ones originally sized to fit in 128x32 are probably fine but there's a few that I...
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    R-type Leo sprite fix / case

    The original legs were badly corroded on the last M92 I picked up; the screws and bolts at either end were rusted in place. I replaced them with these which give the same stack height along with some M3 screws, washers and nuts.
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    Retro Hardware Capacitors LISTS

    Thanks for maintaining these lists, I've used them to compile kits for five of my boards so far. I've just had my next bundle delivered: So if Mouser shows all of the usual Panasonic caps as out of stock, it's probably because I bought them all. Sorry, not sorry :D
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    What Donor Board to use for the CPS1 Multi

    Do A boards that are originally clocked at 10 MHz run stable at 12? (This sounds similar to the DFO mod for consoles like Sega Genesis/Megadrive; a CDCE9xx chip programmed with two frequencies and selectable with a single logic pin)
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    System 18 multi - 8) Kaboooooom

    I will give it a go and see what works. I've just grabbed 25 of them for not much coin, I should have them in a couple of days.
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    System 18 multi - 8) Kaboooooom

    Oh, and feed the reset signal through that? That could work, it looks like the input is 5V tolerant regardless of Vcc.
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    System 18 multi - 8) Kaboooooom

    Ah, PT65-503 is the same family of switch as those used on the rotary selectors so I can find the height of those easily enough. Sounds like there's plenty of power headroom, I think the maximum current draw of the ESP8266 is somewhere about 170mA but I think that's largely dependent how the...
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    System 18 multi - 8) Kaboooooom

    I had a quick go at making my ESP-based selector fit the proposed header pin layout. The fact that this multi will be 3.3V already means I no longer need components like the voltage regulator and level shifter so I can shrink the PCB size a little bit. Here it is rendered with matching...