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    Axunworks JAMMA Extractor (JAMMA Capture/Streaming Adapter)

    i placed an order on axunworks for some scart cables and other stuff and its going to take them over a month to even ship it. not good - i have customers waiting..
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    Ultracade UVC or advice on similar downscaler

    @MoppelTheWhale I have had such issues. But I don't believe it has anything to do with the yellow button PCBs, it's an Arduino thing (I could be wrong). Re-write the code to your Arduino. If it happens again try a different power supply. If it still happens try a different arduino. I have had...
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    Ultracade UVC or advice on similar downscaler

    Thanks @MoppelTheWhale you're very kind! I have all the parts and have one built so far. See pic for how I placed things. I kept the cables short. I just need to build the scart connectors, but Tim Worthington was nice enough to post me some more today so I'll have those in a few days! Top...
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    Minigun Supergun Kick Harness Help

    I just do them manually with a small pair of needle nose pliers. Once the wires at tinned then enclosed in the "SXH-001T-P0.6" pins, I then drop a tiny bit of solder and flux on there to make sure it never falls out (since it was not crimped) The crimper was just way too pricey for me too. I...
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    Ultracade UVC or advice on similar downscaler

    it only downscales to 15khz. if a new firmware were to come out it could possibly have many more functions, but I have not been watching the development of it at all. other projects consume all my time :) thanks members I'll let you know when they arrive. they will have the clock generator on...
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    Ultracade UVC or advice on similar downscaler

    I am waiting for stock and Ill have some of these to sell. I sell with female scart socket, ready to go. GBS-8200 downscaling is GREAT
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    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    i cant wait to get this and get rid of my damn 14-in-1 china CPS1 !!! great work @Darksoft and co, it looks fantastic.
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    Axunworks JAMMA Power Switch

    all available on aliexpress too (with identical photos) ! and other items from axunworks (which appears to be a more arousing western-facing portal) im going to buy one. its basically the same price as aliexpress shop ( ) but if I buy it from axunworks they...
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    Official: CPS1 Multi by Darksoft/Apocalypse - Interest Check Thread

    nothing can replace that multi feeling :P
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    Switching forum software to XenForo

    its possible that some issues with the forum are actually related to peoples web browsers. you can try (in chrome and brave at least) to run a Incognito window. Then browse to and login to apforums and see if you have the same problem. CTRL-SHIFT-N will open a new incognito window apple people...
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    [FS / FT] sega wonder boy

    available to all residents of neo ziland time is running out :D
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    The Definitive Guide to the System 16 Multi Kit

    as far as dirty legs go (lol) i had many :) I use a large soft (and i mean soft it feels like a toothbrush bristle) copper brush and gently brush both outside sets of legs downwards across the length of the leg from chip end to other end. I then use the brush to brush along-ways the inside of...
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    Sega System 16B multi kit installation & support

    I fixed it. It was EPROM #2. The chip while it did burn and verify two weeks ago on both writers, it fails today. I used a chip from ebay and it all works now. The RT809H is a beast, the chips all work fine when burnt on it (even with the slider in settings set to FAST). Blank check, verify and...
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    Sega System 16B multi kit installation & support

    Yes I was concerned a little too, but its mostly working. @Apocalypse Could you suggest some eproms for me to swap ? I tried 13 and same issue. I will revert to using the Top3000 for now, then once I find the bad eprom, I will try and reburn it on RT809H and check. The RT809H so far has been a...
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    Sega System 16B multi kit installation & support

    I got my Sega16b (thanks to you creators!) and got the eproms with it. Two didn't work so I bought another 5 from ebay. I burned 13 and 15 on the ones from ebay. In the dipswitch game list, everything down to Aurial does not work - so based on @Apocalypse 's comments back in this post, I will...