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    Lei Shen Zhuan / Battle Garegga hack - Help / Advice needed

    I had one of these that had a bad socket reseating may help and is a good place to start as is the solder joints.
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    TTX3 Multi with supergun question.

    Hey no worries part of the reason I really wanted to chime in on this one was because I use a Taito AMP PCB with my egret3 and the cabinet has the same 14pin B connector for button 6 on P1 and 2. In theory this is possible because all you really need to do is carry the control signal wires and...
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    TTX3 Multi with supergun question.

    Someone can correct me if I am wrong here I attached a rough paint drawing about basically what needs to go on here. I didnt really draw in any video or audio I am assuming you will be running Video directly to the monitor and your sound to a speaker system or something using 3.5mm audio...
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    naomi VGA cable missing pin?

    Nice work! Yeah originally when I was doing the repair I instantly thought how am I supposed to get a wire around this filter board lol. Luckily those unused component via's can accomodate a thin mod wire to pass through or you can solder to them so long as they are not used by anything :)
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    naomi VGA cable missing pin?

    Oof yeah your probably gonna want to patch those some how haha. This is how I repaired mine.
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    naomi VGA cable missing pin?

    This is bonkers, and likely why my old naomi setup ended up having a blow trace on my filter board I had to repair lmao. Wtf Sega. Since that repair I just been using the standard Sega vga cables with the missing pin but this was news to me.
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    Grounding Astro City

    This all looks kosher and sane to me :)
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    Help with net city link board.

    These are pretty nifty boards, it seems everyone pointed you in the right direction already. Hopefully you can get your link setup running and have fun! :D
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    Building Arcade Cabinet, Technical Thread

    Very good work Hursit :)
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    [SOLD] Gaiapolis (Konami - 1993)

    I have a board of this, even if you suck at this game, the sprite work and presentation alone is so wonderful and beautiful you will love it <3 This has also never been ported ;P A great game being sold by a great guy! GLWS
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    NVS-4000 PSU and Toaplan board compatibility

    I'll get a picture of it soon. Basically the 4 pin yellow connector down at the bottom of the loom can set the speakers into separated stereo or pass through Mono. If I recall its only dependent on how the wiring is for those 4. The factory setting there's a little loop back wire and if I...
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    NVS-4000 PSU and Toaplan board compatibility

    So the best thing about installing an NVS-4000 series power supply into your NAC would be adding JVS power (3.3v volts) and a stereo amplifier mostly for JVS use. If you wire the power supply up correctly you can swap between JAMMA Mono sound and RCA amplified stereo sound. All you do is swap...
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    NVS-4000 PSU and Toaplan board compatibility

    I have an NVS-4000 PSU in my New Astro City. I don't think I have encountered a board in my personal Toaplan PCB collection that required -5v yet. If you do need -5 volts there are Jamma addon boards or other solutions that can add -5v. I have used one of these adapters on the NAC that has a...
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    PGM single game PCB interest check

    Id probably be intrested in a couple sets when ever you have time just shoot me a PM
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    Sega Model 2/3 A/B/C - CRX and how I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb.

    So I could be wrong here but based on the previous info shown here pin 1 is the negative pin for the left speaker. pin 2 does not seem to have a wire coming from it from the positive left line level out. If you are tying grounds together it would need to be pins 1 and 3 (in your current...