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    MS8-29 - MS9-29 Swap

    Hello, Is it possible to use a MS829 chassis with a tube that it has been used with a MS9-29 chassis? The tube is a A68KJU96X (5G). Thanks!
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    FS: Wire harnesses of all kinds, custom work

    if you have one 4P harnesses for a sega swing (AMP UP 9 pin connector, orange) pls let me know!
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    Monitor Ground Loop Interference?

    well, not all monitors use earth ground. MS8/MS9 monitors inside sega cabs are not grounded in any way.
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    Monitor Ground Loop Interference?

    x2. Zero iso trafos on my japanese cabs.
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    Astro City - Monitor grounding

    By checking the Astro City original diagram, there is no grounding wire connected to the monitor/chassis, not even to the metallic frame. Is this accurate or am I reading the schematics incorrectly? Thanks in advance.
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    Monitor Ground Loop Interference?

    I was having the same issue using a RT-125A psu. I ended up removing the PSU grounding connection and voilá... interference is gone.
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    New Astro wiring

    I've rewired 4 cabinets, using sevetal Happ 8-liner harnesses I had. Now I'm on the same boat as @erzane, I had a FUBAR Daytona USA 1 harness, nevertheless, there was enough wire (long enough) to made something decent for the astro I'm restoring.
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    Good to hear you are doing OK!!!
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    SSF2X Tournament Battle announced!!

    I have a question concerning this tournament battle setup... is it possible to make it run with 2 PCBs (4 player) or is just 8 player only (4 PCBs)?
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    Taito Egret II PSU Adapter

    Awesome! Pls add me to the list :)
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    Taito Egret II PSU Adapter

    If it works with a RT-125A, I'll order 2!!
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    Converted Psikyo SH2

    Talking about conversions… got this messed up pcb for free. It does not boot up. I’ll try to get it fixed.
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    Type X3 video card and CPU upgrade

    Do you guys think/know if it's possible to add custom resolutions to a GTX660 video card (a la ArcadeVGA)? I want to be able to connect the video card to a CRT (of course, using a video amplifier) and be able to run some video purity/callibration tools. Thanks in advance.
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    Hi from sky

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    Sanwa Joystick and buttons(obsf24 or 30)

    do you have black border/colored buttons or all are single colored?